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How to Drive Revenue with Sendoso, Microsoft Dynamics, and Workato

Whether it’s automatically sending a gift after each prospect demo, before each webinar, or immediately upon signing, integrations maximize your impact – and your ROI. It’s no longer about if you can send a gift, but how to integrate those sends into the applications you use every day to see powerful campaign results. 

Sendoso is now able to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics. Powered by the Workato connector, Microsoft Dynamics users will be able to automate sending, sync contacts, and more to see measurable results.

Join Allison Rona, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Sendoso, Carina Shahin, Partner Account Manager at Sendoso, and Stephen Farnsworth, Head of RevOps Product Marketing at Workato to learn how Microsoft Dynamics users can take their sending to the next level.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why integrated sending increases your ROI
  • Sendoso + Microsoft Dynamics/Workato in action – top use cases
  • How to get this integration

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Stephen Farnsworth

Head of RevOps Product Marketing

Allison Rona

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Carina Shahin

Partner Account Manager