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Harnessing The Power Of Direct Mail & Events In A Hybrid World

Rollworks’ Katie Dunn is responsible for end-to-end field event execution as well as post-event follow-up programs with target accounts. When her programs went virtual, she knew she needed to add personalized touchpoints, like gifting and direct mail, to her ABM strategy.

Katie shares how to use strategic gifting and direct mail to boost pre- and post-event engagement in a newly hybrid world. Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Bring your brand to life on the virtual stage;
  • Engage with prospects at third-party sponsored virtual and in-person events;
  • Increase sales conversations before, during and after an event takes place; and
  • Support sales velocity with top target accounts.

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Katie Dunn

Demand Generation Marketing Manager, Sendoso

Gabby Riechert

Field Marketing Manager