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Coaching at Scale

Sales has always been driven by in-person engagements, whether it’s learning through osmosis on the “sales floor” or overhearing how colleagues handle a tough objection from a nearby desk. And then seemingly overnight, those growth opportunities disappeared as the pandemic forced sales teams to work remotely.

Coaching, especially for sales teams, had to undergo a digital transformation to account for the coaching challenges that are exacerbated in remote environments. Join this webinar to learn from Sendoso’s Sam East, Drift’s Armen Zildjian, Outreach’s Nathan Broome, and Gong’s Brandy Ringler how to: 

  • Break down coaching into segments that will benefit your team
  • Evolve your coaching from in-person to remote
  • Enable your team to hit quotas whether in-person or remote

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Sam East

CRO, Sendoso

Armen Zildjian

VP of Sales, Drift

Nathan Broome

VP of SMB Sales, Outreach

Brandy Ringler

Head of Sales Enablement, Gong