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Sendoso for Individuals

Thanks for joining the waiting list for the beta launch of Sendoso for Individuals. Let’s get you sending!

Watch this on-demand webinar for a sneak peak into the product and exclusive access to the beta.

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Surya Sendyl

Product Manager

Angela Vecce

Product Marketing Manager

What can you expect to learn during the webinar?

  • Details about the product experience – we’ll give you a live demo and show you how simple it will be for you to start leveraging sending with your customers and prospects.
  • Cost to you – we’ll run through the pricing model for the beta. Spoiler: you only pay for what you send, and there’s no annual commitments.
  • Details about the beta program – timelines for your beta experience, and feedback Sendoso looking for throughout the beta period.
  • Questions – we’ll have time at the end to answer any questions you, the beta testers, have on the Sendoso for Individuals beta experience.