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How Siteimprove saw 15X ROI from a Single Campaign

Expanding into the enterprise market isn’t easy. In fact, it requires different strategies aimed at engaging prospects and standing out from the competition that drive BIG results…like 15 times the results. But how do you achieve that? By deploying a variety of Sendoso campaigns—from high-value gifts to educational leaflets to eGift cards—Siteimprove generated demand, accelerated meetings, and drove revenue.

Sendoso’s Brittany Klokkenga and Leslie Barrett sit down with Siteimprove Account-Based Marketing Manger, Jessica Pate to learn how she and her team saw 15X ROI from a single campaign. Tune into this on-demand session from B2BMX to learn how Siteimprove deployed a variety of campaigns to accelerate deals and close deals. Watch to hear how Siteimprove has:

  • Found most success in Sendoso and Outreach for demand generation.
  • Used unique touch points throughout the sales lifecycle.
  • Continued to gain buy in for direct mail strategies.

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Leslie Barrett

Sr. Manager, Customer Advocacy, Sendoso

Jessica Pate

Account-Based Marketing Manager, Siteimprove

Brittany Klokkenga

Content Marketing Manager, Sendoso