October 23, 2020

How to Book More Meetings with Sendoso’s Meeting Scheduler

By Meira McFarquhar

This post is brought to you by Sendoso Content Marketing Manager Meira McFarquhar.

Booking meetings is a true art form. 

Every salesperson knows that the ability to reach out to a total stranger, catch their attention in their inbox, and highlight their potential pain points while articulating your company’s value proposition all in a way that’s digestible and memorable takes tried and true talent. 

And that’s just to get a reply back! 

Next comes the most challenging part—scoring precious time on a prospect’s busy calendar. 

At Sendoso, we’re in the business of thinking outside of the box (both inboxes and mailboxes), so we released a slew of new features like our meeting scheduler that makes it easier to get more meetings on the books and, ultimately, move more deals across the finish line. 

What is Meeting Scheduler?

With our meeting scheduler, you can now add a step to your eGift sends that requires recipients to schedule a meeting with you before their eGift can be redeemed. Meetings can be booked through Calendly, and you can track meetings booked to measure the success of your outreach.

If you’ve been struggling to get time on the calendar with key decision makers or customers recently, our new meeting scheduler is the perfect way to send a Sendoso eGift in exchange for booking a meeting.

5 Best Practices for Booking Meetings with Meeting Scheduler

Sendoso Vice President of Inside Sales Joe Venuti maintains that the guiding principles are all the same when it comes to using meeting scheduler in prospecting. Personalized, meaningful outreach is always the best way to go.

Here are the best practices for strategically using the feature:

1. Warm up your prospects before asking for a meeting

An excellent way to make a bold impression is through sending eGifts. Still, it’s always best to initiate outreach with ice-cold prospects through traditional methods like offering relevance and value through a Linkedin message or email first before earning time on their calendar. Once you’ve got their attention and had a meaningful interaction, your eGift offer in return for them giving you time on their calendar will be seen as a genuine attempt at building a relationship, rather than a gimmicky door-opener.

2. Use your messaging to tie everything together

While meeting scheduler is a great new tool for prospecting, you should still always let your messaging shine brightest in your outreach. Make sure to tie together any previous outreach or conversations you’ve had with your prospect, and take the time to understand your ICP (and more specifically your recipient), to make your messaging stick. After all, nobody wants to listen to you talk about you for 37 lines of an email. Instead, send a short note revolving around your prospect and what you can do for them, not solely around how great your company is.

Did your customer recently receive a promotion? Try sending a note saying “Congratulations on your promotion! I would love to have virtual coffee on me to discuss how we can help you achieve success in your new role. When you have a moment, can you let me know your availability over the next few weeks?”

3. Choose a thoughtful send

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts.

There are hundreds of eGifts available on our Sending Platform. To connect with prospects and decision makers, however, you’ll want to choose an eGift that’s relevant to them—something they will actually want to use. Try to personalize your eGift option by choosing a vendor related to their interests or correlates with a previous conversation you’ve had with them.

Is your prospect a dog lover? Send over a Walmart eGift card so they can select a new toy for their furry friend. Are they an executive with little downtime? An Uber Eats eGift card would allow them to order a quick lunch in between meetings. The end of the year is also approaching, so a Charity On Top or Charity Choice eGift card could enable your prospect to spread some holiday cheer.

4. Use your budget wisely

Although it might be tempting to go on an eGifting spree now that meeting scheduler incentivizes recipients to book time with you before they can redeem your send, it’s always best to stay strategic. eGifts don’t need to empty your entire monthly spending budget to make an impression. A simple coffee $5 eGift card can go a long way, so save your $25 wine.com eGift cards for those Tier 1 prospects and top decision makers. 

5. Always follow up

If you don’t hear back right away, don’t fret. Any good salesperson knows that persistence usually gets that meeting on your calendar in the long run.

Let the recipient know that you will follow up in your note, and wait a day or two after your outreach. Instead of asking if they like your eGift, see how they’re doing and if they received your email. Try to grab their attention on another channel if needed and bring it back to getting that time on their calendar.

For anyone tasked with scheduling meetings, Sendoso is here for you. Reach out confidently to prospects with our new meeting scheduler. Just make sure you don’t double book!

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