March 10, 2020

5 Direct Mail Examples Perfect for National "Send It" Day

By Brianna Valleskey

In honor of National Send It Day, we wanted to share some direct mail examples of how to “send it” and engage people in meaningful, new ways!

March 10 marks National Send It Day, a chance to celebrate your buyers, customers, employees, and anyone else who is important to your brand by sending them something special.

Note that “special” does not mean “expensive.” The goal of this day is to engage people with something thoughtful—not just another email, phone call, or social post. This could be as simple as a $5 coffee eGift card or a handwritten note. 

Why does sending something matter? Consumers say they want a personalized experience, and even admit they’re more willing to do business if one is provided, but most companies still resort to generic forms of mass outreach. It’s no wonder our buyers respond less and less to digital outreach; they see 5,000 ads and receive more than 120 emails every day. 

Sending something allows you to differentiate yourself by being personalized and thoughtful. If you send something like direct mail or a physical gift, then you also have the advantage of landing on someone’s desktop (instead of their inbox). 

The key here is to make sure that what you send will mean something to your recipient. Do your buyers care about the latest trends in the IT space? Send them a printed copy of a recent report with a handwritten note about how you wanted to help them stay informed. Did one of your prospects recently get a promotion? Send them a bottle of champagne to celebrate. What about that customer of yours who you know just became a new parent? Send them a onesie from Amazon with their alma mater’s logo on it. 

There are infinite direct mail examples of how to be personalized, thoughtful, and relevant on National Send It Day. Check out the below video of our team sharing a few, then keep reading for more details on each idea.

How to “Send It” Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Direct Mail Example #1: Bundle any leftover event swag to send it to top accounts. (Bonus idea: send an offer out first via landing page to confirm shipping details as your recipient may be working from home).  

Direct Mail Example #2: Send sweet treats to any opportunities that have gone dark. 

Direct Mail Example #3: Automatically trigger a welcome kit to send when someone becomes a new customer. 

Direct Mail Example #4: Send a case study and a handwritten note after a demo. 

Direct Mail Example #5: Reward employees with eGift cards that let them choose what they receive. 

We hope these direct mail examples were helpful! Thanks to everyone who’s celebrating today. Together we can make more connections in a digital world, one send at a time. 

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