February 7, 2020

21 Marketing Gifts Perfect for Valentine’s Day

By Belynda Cianci
Love is in the air this month—and it’s in the mailbox. In the chilly, blustery month of February, who doesn’t want to get something to warm their hearts? It’s the perfect time for marketing gifts for all the different lovers in your life.

If you want your marketing gift to get great returns, it helps to get personal. After all, recipients love to feel like they’re your “one and only”—even if your list is a few more than that! How powerful is personalization? Well, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. If you want to make a connection with your leads and customers this month, we have some ideas to share. But first, we have to ask… what kind of lover are they? A pet-lover? Chocolate lover? A sports or travel lover?

Here are some ideas for all of them, along with suggestions for handwritten notes. We think you’ll enjoy sending them as much as your recipients will enjoy receiving them!

21 Valentine’s Day Marketing Gifts

For the Pet-lover

  1. Something cute for their best friend never goes amiss, like a branded leash that will keep you front and center when they sit, stay, and go for a walk! Note: “When you’re going for your goals, remember to enjoy the journey (and the company).”
  2. “Treat yo self!” isn’t just for the humans in the room. These gourmet pet treats will make pets (and their owners) very happy indeed! Note: “Here’s something great for your ‘very good boy/girl’ to enjoy!”
  3. Getting out for a game of fetch can be a lot of fun, especially with a branded toy. Note: “We love helping you chase your goals!”

For the Travel-lover

  1. Help them keep tabs on their bags with this clever luggage tracker. Note: “We’re excited to be on the journey with you!”
  2. Speaking of keeping track, an electronics organizer will help your recipient keep tabs on their important gadgets and chargers. Note: “We’re here to help you keep things organized.”
  3. Travel means noise, but with a pair of noise-canceling headphones, your clients can enjoy their trip. Note: “With these, all you’ll hear is the sound of your next great idea.”

Games and Sports

  1. For the puzzler on your list, a magnetic globe can make a fun, whimsical addition to a desk or shelf. Note: “We’re here to help you put it all together.”
  2. A darts set can set a fun vibe in the office, and give your recipient some activity during planning or focus sessions. Note: “We’re here to help you hit your targets.”
  3. For the sports lover on your list, their team jersey becomes even cooler when personalized with their name. Note: “Let us be your quarterback this season!”

Wellness Winners

  1. Sometimes, downtime is the perfect gift. A wellness-focused eGift card (for services like massage, yoga, or beauty care) can help them take advantage of it. Note: “We’ll take some things off your plate, so you can enjoy some down-time.”
  2. Even home can become a retreat with the right gift. Send them an essential oil diffuser set for some DIY R&R. Note: “When you need to take a breather, we’re happy to help.”
  3. The soothing quality of a tea set makes a lovely gift for a variety of campaigns. Note: “Need a team that’s steeped in experience? Look no further.”

Fashion and Comfort

  1. A branded clothing item such as this Patagonia fleece looks great and makes a statement. Note: “Success looks good on you! We hope you enjoy it!”
  2. For the discerning fashionista, a custom wardrobe eGift is an excellent way to delight them with a personal touch. Note: “We’re all about the tailor-made experience. Enjoy!”
  3. For the perfect blend of fashion and comfort, and personalized messenger bag looks and feels great. Note: “Let us help you get your message out there!”

For the Chocolate-lover

  1. Nothing is more comforting in mid-winter than hot cocoa, and a luxury cocoa set will help them enjoy it in style. Note: “Here’s to warm hands and rich rewards!”
  2. Something snackable is always a favorite, especially in winter. A gourmet basket of nuts, chocolates, and other goodies for the office can bring smiles to a lot of faces. Note: “We’re great at having something for everyone. Enjoy!”
  3. An assortment of fresh berries and fruits dipped in chocolate is a great way to show that you care about the recipient and the experience. Note: “We know you have a full plate at the office, so we wanted to add something sweet to it.”

For Lovers of Drinks and Drams

  1. A well-crafted vintage is even better when it’s presented in an eye-catching package such as this lockable wine box. Note: “We can’t wait to toast to your success.”
  2. For the recipient who likes something brewed, a high-end flight of craft beer can delight and surprise. Note: “When you need us, we’re ready to ‘hops’ to it!”
  3. Recipients of all ages can enjoy a bit of fizzy fun with personally branded craft sodas delivered right to their office or home. Note: “We’d love to help make your next campaign ‘Pop’!”

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