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Personalized Amazon sends through Sendoso are a major differentiator for Terminus company and a huge advantage for their sales reps.


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Terminus is the industry’s first account-based marketing platform

The solution enables B2B marketers to target companies, engage decision-makers on their terms, and accelerate sales pipeline velocity at scale. 

The Challenge

As account-based marketing experts, Terminus knows the importance of personalized, targeted, and impactful campaigns. They needed a personalized component for their multi-channel strategy and sought a partner that could solve the time-consuming task of direct mail (while seamlessly integrating with the tools they use every day). 

Torrey Dye, Terminus director of ABM and demand generation, knew Sendoso could help boost their ABM programs for his SDRs. He brought it to the executive team so Terminus could forge stronger connections and boost response rates.

18 Terminus Team Members

Using Sendoso across marketing, SDRs, AEs, and customer success.

The Results

Terminus can now easily execute personalized, high-impact direct mail campaigns. The ease of working with project managers and an intuitive platform helped the team unleash creativity in their outreach. 

After the initial success, marketing aligned with sales to create a multi-channel campaign with a goal of booking meetings for Sales reps. The program consisted of personalized one-to-one ads and content streams with the company’s name and marketing email to stay top-of-mind. Once someone engaged with the outreach, they were put into a drip program that triggered an automatic send of delightful, bite-sized cupcakes.

With 150 emails and cupcakes sent, the SDRs generated 20 opportunities, resulting in a 13% conversion rate. The cost of creating an opportunity was significantly lower than previous campaigns at $412 per opportunity, making  Sendoso their best-performing marketing channel.

MarTech Stack

Salesforce, Marketo, Terminus, EverString, and Bombore

“The ease of executing this campaign was unbelievable. There’s no way we could scale this personalized outreach without Sendoso. The solution has become an essential ingredient of our pipeline-building strategy and overall success as a company.”

Torrey Dye - Director of ABM and Demand Generation, Terminus

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