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$5.5M in Pipeline Influenced

How Terminus used custom cookbooks, hot chocolate, and Uber Eats gift cards to acquire customers.

With Terminus Senior Director of Marketing,

Stephanie Kelly


During COVID-19, Terminus needed to level up their approach to onboarding customers as well as nurture new awareness campaigns—all completely remote.


Through unique, educational direct mail packages and targeted workshops with eGifted lunches, Terminus found ways to genuinely connect with customers in a virtual world.


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Terminus helps B2B sales and marketing teams connect with their customers through their comprehensive ABM platform.





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From eBooks to engagement

As one of the leading ABM platforms, Terminus enables its B2B customers to run account-based marketing at scale. While the Terminus marketing team relies on their own platform to track and manage their campaigns, they quickly realized they needed more than your typical outreach to stand out from the competition—and they needed to scale. That’s where Sendoso came in.

In November 2019, the marketing team created the ABM Cookbook, a fun guide explaining ABM strategies through food and cooking metaphors, which generated a high volume of organic search traffic, explained Senior Director of Marketing, Stephanie Kelly. Seeing how this content resonated with top-of-funnel prospects, the team decided this asset would make a great direct mail campaign. After transforming the eBook into a printed “recipe” book, they launched an awareness campaign and used Sendoso to send packages with the book, oven mitts, and kitchen tools to top prospects.

We’re trying to find creative ways for our sales team to continue their outreach and have better meeting connect rates

Stephanie helped launch another campaign through Sendoso—sending hot chocolate mugs and kits to potential customers who needed help “warming up” to ABM. The fun yet educational gifts were a hit, as customers were able to get a real sense of both the product and the culture of the company that they’d be working with.

Continuing education through direct mail

Stephanie also runs an ongoing campaign through Sendoso that enables the team to follow up with prospects after a meeting. They send customers a copy of ABM is B2B, co-written by Terminus founder Sangram Vajre. It’s a way to connect with prospects in a personal way, while continuing to educate them on ABM best practices—ultimately, so they can get the most out of their relationship with Terminus. It’s a win for everyone.

It’s an easy way to show appreciation and thanks for current and future customers.

Customer expansion is the new acquisition.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Stephanie realized she would need to pivot away from the company’s initial events-based marketing strategy and find new ways to maintain engagement with prospects in a remote-first world.

Stephanie saw an opportunity following the company’s recent acquisition of two other companies: Sigstr, an email signature marketing platform; and RambleChat, an account-based chat tool. These two companies expanded Terminus’ customer base, opening the possibility for a cross-sell.

“Our primary users of Terminus are marketing teams, but we’re also trying to expand more into the sales organization,” said Stephanie. So the company launched a series of virtual lunchtime workshops for higher-level, Terminus, Sigstr, and RambleChat prospects and customers (e.g., directors, VPs, CMOs, and more) they had acquired through Sigstr and RambleChat. The goal was to educate decision-makers on the capabilities of each platform to encourage cross-sell opportunities.

To make the invites more enticing, Terminus sent attendees Uber Eats eGift cards. This made attendees feel like they were being taken out to lunch—a bit of normalcy while they’re unable to take prospects out to lunch in person.

The eGifts have helped us maintain a connection to prospects as everyone shifted to remote work.

Results that count

Looking back at overall sending campaigns year-to-date, Stephanie sees some promising growth from Terminus’ work with Sendoso: the campaigns influenced $5.5M in pipeline opportunities and $659K in revenue.

“Sendoso is an easy way to show appreciation and thanks for current and future customers,” said Stephanie. And it’s safe to say their customers and prospects enjoyed the creative gifts. From cookbooks to hot cocoa mixes to free lunch—we can’t wait to see what ideas the team comes up with next!

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Sendoso is an easy way to show appreciation and thanks for current and future customers.

Stephanie Kelly

Senior Director of Marketing

Learn how, like Terminus, you can use Sendoso to connect with customers remotely and generate revenue.

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