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12 Hours Saved Every Week

Talkdesk’s team used the Sendoso platform in tandem with the Salesforce integration to both save time and generate massive ROI.


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Talkdesk is the leading cloud-based contact software solution.

They are seeing phenomenal growth—especially with companies upgrading from outdated contact center solutions.


Talkdesk wasn’t new to direct mail campaigns. Traditionally, their marketing team executed all direct mail in house. From sourcing the items to packaging and shipping, they felt the drain on their time and resources. Twelve hours a week was spent on coordinating in-house direct mail initiatives which distracted from other marketing projects.

Talkdesk’s marketing team was trying to create these campaigns for the sales team to leverage. They wanted their sales team to be just as invested in their upcoming ABM campaigns as they were. To drive this alignment, the marketing team turned to Sendoso as a platform that could help with sends and also enable alerts for their sales team.

17 Talkdesk Team Members

Using Sendoso across SDRs, AEs, Demand Gen, and Customer Marketing.


Talkdesk had ran a number of campaigns using Sendoso, but their marketing team wanted to experiment with running a campaign around a specific asset.

Talkdesk commissioned Forrester to write a Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report showcasing the strong results their customers were seeing—making this a valuable resource to share with their prospects. The marketing team executed a truly integrated multi-channel campaign with promoting the report through their website, email campaigns, paid campaigns, and direct mail. They sent the report with a handwritten note to 150 people. In conjunction to this, the sales team was given the option to send coffee e-Gift cards and more personalized gifts from Sendoso’s integration with Amazon. These optional sends allowed the sales team to have the marketing power in their hands, choosing when and where to use these sends.



With the personalized outreach from sales for targeted Tier 1 & Tier 2 accounts as well as to cold leads they were able to build $2.4M+ in the pipeline.

The marketing team felt at ease with this campaign. They were able to save time and saw a large ROI. With Sendoso’s integration into Salesforce, they were able to have alerts sent to their SDRs. This allowed them to carry out a highly coordinated follow up to their prospects and played into the mechanics of working with the sales team.

MarTech Stack

Salesforce, Bizible, Outreach, Marketo, Drift, Intellimize, AdRoll, Google Marketing Platform, Leadspace, Hootsuite, GaggleAMP, LinkedIn Ads, Sales Nav

* TIME SAVED PER WEEK: Packing boxes (1 hour), Getting SDRs/AEs to fill out who to send to (3 hours), Sending boxes (1 hour), Updating the FedEx sheet w/ tracking codes (1 hour), Setting up MQL programs to ensure follow up (1 hour), Making sure they followed up (1 hour), Writing hand written notes (4 hours)

We needed a turnkey platform that integrated into our tech stack and had the direct mail expertise. The time saved with Sendoso was absolutely incredible.

Start sending, start connecting, start driving revenue.