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SmartRecruiters Reduced Their Sales Cycle By 50% With Sendoso


conversion to meetings


decrease in time to closed won


influenced pipeline in 8 months

SmartRecruiters is a talent acquisition suite that provides full source-to-hire capabilities for the modern workforce.


Tiffany Hsia, Demand Generation Manager was looking for a new way to reach prospects while helping the SmartRecruiter brand stand out to ultimately drive more pipeline.

Based on their current conversion rates, SmartRecruiters needed to secure more meetings if they wanted to hit their pipeline targets for the quarter.
Tiffany needed a sending platform that would help their sales teams stand out. Prior to Sendoso, the SmartRecruiters sales team relied heavily on phone calls and emails for their outreach.


With Sendoso, Tiffany enabled the sales team to send cupcakes through the platform in an attempt to build better relationships and set more meetings. This allowed a way to easily delight the recipients and engage multiple people at one organization. The shareability factor proved to be very effective and drove more engagement to the SmartRecruiter brand. In addition, the SDRs started using Sendoso by sending coffee eGift cards after meetings or webinars as a thank you.

Sendoso has really streamlined processes. Due to the notifications from Sendoso when a send has landed on the decision makers desk, sales is able to check in at the right time to push the deal forward.

                                                  -Tiffany Hsia, SmartRecruiters

 As a marketer Tiffany’s focus heavily on analytics. She looks at two different reports. The first tells how many sales members are engaging with the platform and how much they are spending. The second looks at if direct mail ultimately drives more meetings and closes deals. Tiffany has found a positive correlation between how much an SDR is sending and meetings booked.


In fact the SDRs are seeing that 60-70% of their direct mail sends turn into meetings. Also, when Sendoso is involved once the opportunity is being worked by an account executive it is moving to closed won 50% faster. Overall, across all their sends, Sendoso has influenced $5.8M of pipeline in just 8 months.

“The partnership with Sendoso overall has really rallied the sales and marketing team together behind this one goal and builds so much excitement.”

Tiffany Hsia, SmartRecruiters

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