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A massive pivot resulting in new opportunities

How Rapid7 leveraged Sendoso to scale direct mail and engage customers during an uncertain time.

With Rapid7, Demand Generation Manager

 Jessica Fernandez


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Rapid7’s direct mail strategy as customers and prospects shifted to remote work.


Sendoso’s eGifts provided Rapid7 sales reps a way to continue to engage new prospects and keep leads warm during an uncertain time.

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“The sales team is obsessed with Sendoso.”

As a cybersecurity company, Rapid7 is experiencing rapid growth. Like many quickly-expanding teams, they realized their sales reps needed more in-the-field support and additional tools in their engagement playbooks. They created a new team comprising demand generation, field marketing, and regional sales enablement to help sales go to market even faster.

As a thought leader in cybersecurity, Rapid7 regularly publishes research reports, which make for great direct mail content for prospects and customers.

Initially, direct mail was handled in-house, which, as Demand Generation Manager Jessica Fernandez describes it, “took a lot of employee time and resources.” Her team was responsible for all aspects of direct mail, from printing, packaging, managing UPS accounts, and even writing handwritten notes with sales. As direct mail continued to be successful for Rapid7, more and more sales reps wanted to leverage it—which meant even more volume for Jessica’s team. At that point, it was clear they needed a direct mail partner to scale their efforts.

Jessica initially partnered with a tactile marketing company but struggled to get it up and running. The technology wasn’t flexible—limiting customers to buy gift items in bulk, so Jessica’s team couldn’t test ideas or make changes once the campaign launched.

Jessica then discovered Sendoso, which has now been a Rapid7 partner for nearly a year. “It’s been awesome,” said Jessica, who, in addition to her day-to-day job, is Rapid7’s Sendoso administrator, responsible for rolling it out to teams and training new sales and business development reps on the platform.

Supporting the shift to remote work

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early March, Rapid7 wanted to offer support and information to protect employees from cyber threats while working from home. To support this outreach, Rapid7 pivoted its direct mail strategy to focus on eGifts instead of physical items.

Sendoso has helped a lot in the last two months. Our sales team needed another lever to pull with tradeshows and events being postponed or canceled. 

Knowing that all of their customers and prospects were experiencing unique challenges with working from home, sales reps used Sendoso to connect with customers and prospects as they adjusted to remote work while brightening their day. Using the Sendoso Salesforce integration, the team sent Uber Eats and Visa eGift cards with the message:

Help us support local businesses! Today, lunch is one less thing you have to worry about.

The campaign resonated extremely well—the outreach demonstrated that Rapid7 not only could support evolving security needs but that they cared about their customers and communities on a personal level. 

“Our prospects really liked the idea that they were getting an opportunity to support local companies that weren’t getting a lot of business during that time,” said Jessica.

Deepening customer relationships

The sales team found that these messages drove upsells among current customers who expanded to Rapid7’s managed security offering or other products. “The eGift outreach ended up uncovering a need for more of our products due to the current business environment,” said Jessica. 

“Sendoso has helped with driving new pipeline as well as keeping opportunities warm during a time like this.”

Rapid7 explored Sendoso’s new eGift products, including Sendoso Choice, where recipients can choose from a variety of eGifts, as well as Charity Choice, which offers recipients the option to donate the gift amount to a charity of their choosing. The events team used these features for virtual happy hours, sending eGifts as a reminder on the day of the event. They also used Sendoso Choice as raffle giveaways to attendees of their Remote Work Readiness webcast series.

Building New Opportunities

Since the direct mail pivot to eGifts in March, Rapid7 has focused primarily on eGifts to prospects and customers. This outreach has so far resulted in new opportunities with active customers and net new or lost customers.

“Sendoso piques interest immediately.”

Since bringing Sendoso on to support Sales, Rapid7 has expanded the partnership to other teams, including business development and customer success. As direct mail and gifting continues to drive results, Jessica says that the entire organization has been supportive of the Sendoso platform. 

“I’ve received really positive feedback throughout the organization. From leadership to sales reps, everyone seems to have a success story and has really bought into the tool’s capabilities,” said Jessica.

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I’ve received really positive feedback throughout the organization. From leadership to sales reps, everyone seems to have a success story and has really bought into the tool’s capabilities.

Jessica Fernandez

Demand Generation Manager

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