5x Higher Close Rate

With Sendoso, Pendo reported an approximately 5x higher close rate for prospective deals while saving 20 hours for every direct mail campaign.


higher close rate


in-house efforts reduced

Pendo delivers a platform for product teams to help companies create software products that customers love.

With Pendo, product teams can understand product usage, collect feedback, measure NPS, onboard users, and announce new features in app — all without requiring engineering resources. As a leader in the market, Pendo understands the importance of customer experience, especially when it comes to their own prospects and customers.


With a rapidly growing customer base, direct mail became a big part of Pendo’s sales and customer experience strategy. Sorting and packing direct mail items, researching mailing addresses, writing personal notes, and dealing with one-off requests was consuming significant amount of time (almost 20 hours a week) from an already over-extended marketing team. Being data-driven, Pendo ran an initial experiment with Sendoso’s basic plan .


With the added Salesforce integration and better campaign tracking, Pendo reported an approximately 5x higher close rate for prospective deals when leveraging direct mail vs. no direct mail during targeted points in the sales funnel.

Today, Pendo has over thirty team members using Sendoso, and the marketing team has drastically reduced the number of hours spent managing direct mail. They can now focus on creating content, managing email campaigns, and improving event strategies instead of packing t-shirts and mailing cupcakes. This added efficiency, not to mention the comprehensive data and tracking, confirmed the decision to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan and give more sales reps access to send over 10,000 items per month.

The Enterprise Sendoso platform equips their sales and success teams with items like gift cards, on-demand cakes & cake pops, and over twenty different custom swag items.

“Sendoso has been a great addition to our sales stack. When we rolled out the first test user group for the Sendoso platform, in about a week, I had all the other reps asking when they would get access to the tool. The Salesforce integration allows me to easily track our performance and see where in the funnel we need to target our outreach. With the handwritten notes, and custom items, our prospects and customers still feel that personal connection when we send them packages. I can get new account executives up and running immediately, which means a lot when our company is growing so quickly.”

Trish LaPaglia - Director of Field Marketing - Pendo

Join the thousands of people using Sendoso to personally connect with their customers.

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