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25% of league's closed-won deals include a Sendoso touch

How League uses Sendoso to book more cold outbound sales meetings and reignite unengaged opportunities.

With League Marketing Director,

Rebecca Orellana


As a company servicing enterprise large businesses, League’s sales cycles are complex, involving multiple stakeholders and sometimes spanning months. They are consistently searching for new ways to start conversations, engage prospects, and keep deals moving forward.


Sendoso has given League a tool to bolster their cold outbound outreach program to increase meeting rates while also keeping conversations alive throughout the sales process. 


increase in cold-outbound meetings booked rate


increase in attendance rates from previous webinars without a Sendoso Touch

League is North America’s leading enterprise health OS, a data-driven platform designed to provide a single access hub for employees to engage with their health, lifestyle, and benefit programs through its category-defining Health Benefits Experience: HBX™ platform.


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Healthcare Technology

“Sendoso gives us options that can be hyper-personalized.”

As a healthcare technology company, League is trusted by enterprises like Unilever, Uber, Shopify, and Lush to enable their workforce health. Like most companies targeting the enterprise, League’s sales process is complex—sometimes spanning months and comprising champions from HR leadership and the c-suite including CFOs, and CEOs.

While many companies understand the importance of employee health and well-being, especially these days, engaging with the right decision-makers at target accounts can be challenging. “Every business is a healthcare business, whether they realize it or not and it’s our job to bring this to light,” explains Rebecca Orellana, marketing director at League.

League first partnered with Sendoso three years ago because they were looking to cut through the noise and gain the attention of their buyers in a targeted and meaningful way.

Rebecca joined the League team three years ago. “Rather than send someone something generic like cookies or a notebook, Sendoso gives us options that can be hyper-personalized to each prospect and align with our brand, like yoga mats, succulents, fruits, and healthy snacks.”

I started my career as a brand marketer but today I’m also a performance marketer. I need scalable direct mail options that align with our company mission and brand, but I also need to track metrics and performance to justify my spend. Sendoso provided both.

“Sendoso is an efficient and effective pipeline generation tool.”

Today, the League marketing team empowers their BDRs and AEs to use Sendoso to bolster their cold prospecting outbound outreach. Business development representatives (BDRs) use Sendoso in their cold outreach; account executives (AEs) for warmed prospects. BDRs are sending directly from SalesLoft while AEs are using the Salesforce integration. 

Rebecca explained that the team’s outreach depends on where the prospect is in the funnel and their business type: “Our BDRs will use Sendoso at the beginning of the sales process to improve cold outreach response rates. Other times our AEs will send Sendoso Direct succulents or Starbucks or Uber Eats eGifts to opportunities in the discovery stage to book a follow-up meeting.” 

“Appreciate you making the time for an early morning meeting. Have a tea on me tomorrow!”  

“Add some zen vibes to your home office.”

In the past, Rebecca’s team kept an inventory of branded yoga mats, essential oil rollers, and water bottles in the Sendoso warehouse for prospecting outreach. More recently they’ve been using Sendoso Direct, with succulents performing the best with their HR audience.

“Prospect and customer education is mission-critical.”

After COVID-19’s social distancing measures were put into effect, the marketing team began hosting lunch-and-learn webinars to speak about the role of data in understanding the health of your workforce and how they can apply metrics to reopening offices safely and efficiently.

To drive the attendance of prospects and customers to the event, the marketing team sent a database invitation with a note detailing that everyone who attended would receive an eGift. After the event took place, the sales team sent attendees Uber Eats eGifts to thank them for coming. 

“In the current climate, I think a lot of people are experiencing webinar fatigue. But because our prospect and customer education is mission-critical, our goal wasn’t just to get people registered for the event— we wanted them to attend,” said Rebecca. 

And their audience did. Attendance rates were 42% higher than previous webinars. 

One Spark Ignites a Colossal Fire

In Q1 2020, 25% of League’s closed-won deals included a Sendoso Touch, making it one of their highest-performing channels. With Sendoso, they’ve increased their percentage of meetings booked by 10%. And because their webinar attendance rate was 42% higher than previous webinars, they’ll continue to use Sendoso to bolster their virtual event attendance.

Campaign Details

Use Case





Prospecting Results

10% increase in cold-outbound meetings booked rate

Webinar Attendance Rates

42% increase in attendance rates

Sendoso has been a total game-changer in our marketing tech stack. By empowering our sales team with the right touches and technology we’ve been able to prove the efficacy of direct mail in a scalable way.

Rebecca Orellana

With League Marketing Director

Learn how you can use Sendoso to book more cold outbound sales meetings and keep deals from stalling in the pipeline.

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