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Hyper-personalized marketing attracts C-suite & deals

How League uses Sendoso to book cold sales meetings and boost webinar attendance by 42%.

With League Marketing Director,

Rebecca Orellana


League is constantly searching for new ways to start conversations, engage prospects, and keep deals moving forward.


Sendoso gave League a tool to bolster its cold outbound outreach program, increase meetings rates, and keep conversations alive throughout the sales process.


increase in attendance rates from previous webinars without a Sendoso Touch


increase in cold-outbound meetings booked rate

Sendoso has been a total game-changer in our marketing tech stack. By empowering our sales team with the right touches and technology we’ve been able to prove the efficacy of direct mail in a scalable way.

League is North America’s leading enterprise health operating system. The company is consistently striving to snag the attention of healthcare company decision-makers in a highly competitive field. Sendoso provided League with a unique way to generate interest and ignite engagement opportunities.

And it didn’t take long for the leading Sending Platform to start influencing deals. 

League is a data-driven platform designed to provide a single access hub for employees to engage with their health, lifestyle, and benefit programs. The company is trusted by enterprises like Unilever, Uber, Shopify, and Lush to enable their workforce health.

Like most companies targeting enterprise clients, League’s sales process is complex. It sometimes spans months engaging with human resource leadership and the C-suite, including CFOs and CEOs.

Many companies understand the importance of employee health and well-being, However, engaging with the right decision-makers at target accounts can be challenging.

“Every business is a healthcare business,” explained League Marketing Director Rebecca Orellana. “Whether they realize it or not, it’s our job to bring this to light.”

Hyper-personalized gifting attracts attention

When League first partnered with Sendoso, the company needed a way to attract interest from buyers in a targeted and meaningful way.

“Rather than send someone something generic like cookies or a notebook, Sendoso gave us options that can be hyper-personalized to each prospect.”

League managers opted for health-centered gifts like plants, fruit, and healthy snacks.

Managers quickly learned Sendoso also gave them the ability to scale direct mail marketing while providing comprehensive metrics. Sendoso even proved to be an effective pipeline generation tool. Plus, it bolstered the company’s cold prospect outbound reach as a whole.


Aligning teams with automation

Sendoso quickly spread beyond marketing. League managers learned that the platform can be utilized by different teams at different points of the outreach process.

Business Development Representatives (BDRs) use Sendoso via SalesLoft at the beginning of the sales process. Employees found it greatly improves their cold outreach response rates.

Account Executives (AEs) contact warmed prospects through Sendoso thanks to the Salesforce integration and eGifts. AEs also utilize branded merchandise including yoga mats, essential oil rollers, and water bottles in the Sendoso warehouse.  

More recently the company used Sendoso Direct to mail succulents for prospecting outreach. Utilizing Sendoso’s metrics, League discovered the gifting generated a great deal of response specifically from its HR audience.

AEs also learned sending unique gifts during the discovery phase helps increase follow-up meetings.

Pivoting to find virtual marketing success

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the League marketing team was forced to pivot its outreach efforts to virtual settings.  

Sendoso helped League’s message stand out amongst its competitors with intriguing gifts in a now remote world.

The team began hosting lunch-and-learn webinars to discuss their product.Uber Eats eGift Card

The marketing team generated interest by sending a database invitation and note via Sendoso detailing the event. The invites helped drive interest by promising attendees an eGift in exchange for their attendance. After the webinar, the sales team sent the attendees an Uber Eats gift card. 

“In the current climate, I think a lot of people are experiencing webinar fatigue. But because our prospect and customer education is mission-critical, our goal wasn’t just to get people registered for the event— we wanted them to attend.”

And their audience did. Attendance rates increased 42% compared to previous webinars thanks to Sendoso gifting. 

The success created a ripple effect. League began utilizing Sendoso to bolster all of its virtual events. This resulted in big wins in other facets of the company. 

In Q1 2020, 25% of League’s closed-won deals included a Sendoso Touch. It was one of League’s highest-performing channels. League also increased their meetings booked by 10%. 

Learn how you can use Sendoso to book more cold outbound sales meetings and keep deals from stalling in the pipeline.