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conversion from cold lead to opportunity


ROI on pipeline value

Blend is a SaaS platform for lenders to speed up and simplify applications for mortgages and consumer loans.


Blend wanted to run a win-back campaign to re-engage accounts that were closed-lost but still high-value prospects. Matthew Dilworth and the demand generation team started with a list of closed-lost opportunities from the previous quarter and identified which fit the profile to potentially win back. They knew they had to be creative to get the attention of these prospects, but also need to be careful not to inundate them with emails and phone calls.


Matthew started by creating a multi-touch “win back” campaign to target those contacts from accounts that were closed-lost. The campaign focused on why they should reconsider Blend as their preferred platform. Matthew decided that the best way to get the attention of these accounts was to send them something branded to help keep them top of mind. By integrating Sendoso with Marketo, they were able to automate sending Blend-branded Oreos at specific touchpoints in their nurture program.


Matthew was able to convert 62% of cold leads into opportunities by using Sendoso as a central piece of their nurture campaign. The Oreo send ranked #1 across all mailers sent to date. In addition, the campaign produced 40X ROI on pipeline value and ranked in the top ten campaigns that Blend has run in the past three years.

If you’re not doing direct mail, then you’re not doing demand generation. Direct mail is as good, if not better, than any other channel out there. If you’re doing high-touch, ABM, direct mail has to be a part of it.

Matthew Dilworth, Blend

Generate better ROI than ever before.

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