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16 Sales Prospecting Tools to Know Right Now

What is a Sales Prospecting Tool?

Ask any salesperson and they’ll tell you. Sales prospecting is no easy task.
Between setting aside time in your hectic day to look for prospects, finding their correct contact information, researching their interests for personalization, and making the perfect pitch, you’re barely left with enough time to do any other parts of your job!

That’s why there are hundreds of software tools dedicated to helping sales teams attract prospects easier, engage prospects better, and ultimately land the meeting.

We’ve put together the perfect list of 15 powerful sales prospecting tools for creating processes, gathering intelligent data, and measuring the effectiveness of your sales strategies with the click of a button.

3 Benefits of Using a Sales Prospecting Tool

Think of the below tools the way you would any toolkit. In order to build or assemble anything, you need the proper tools to get set up for success:

By incorporating the these tools into your tech stack, you’ll be able to more productively:

  1. Boost efficiency
  2. Save time
  3. Generate pipeline

Ready to get a leg up on the competition? These sales prospecting tools should help.

Sales Prospecting Tool #1: Salesforce

 Salesforce is arguably the most well-known sales tool in the bunch. Salesforce is the dominant customer relationship management (CRM) solution in the SaaS space that delivers a wide range of functionalities, integrates extremely well with other apps, and has a robust third-party ecosystem. It gives all teams a 360 degree customer view, and delivers customizable dashboards that make it one of the most useful tools in the sales and marketing world.

Sales Prospecting Tool #2: Chrome Browser Extension

As the world’s most used web browser, Google’s Chrome Browser Extension is the ultimate tool of all tools. You can make Chrome your own through the use of its tens of thousands of extensions and apps that add new functionality to your browser, and enable you to readily access your sales prospecting tools in your search bar. They’ll help you cut down the time you spend on mundane tasks that would be better spent on connecting with prospects. Once installed, you’ll be able to access your Google Chrome extensions in the top right corner of the browser, next to the URL bar.

Sales Prospecting Tool #3: Eloqua

Eloqua is a marketing automation platform (MAP) by Oracle that aims to help B2B marketers and organizations manage complex marketing campaigns and sales lead generation. Eloqua’s capabilities are wide-ranging, and include a marketing campaign planning canvas along with email automation, and helps to track customer activity and behavior.  The platform promises increased conversions, sales and understanding of customers.

Sales Prospecting Tool #4: LinkedIn Company Pages

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.

No sales prospecting toolkit is complete without LinkedIn Company Pages. LinkedIn is a social media platform that acts as a professional networking marketplace. With LinkedIn, users can stay up-to-date on all news, announcements, and content shared by connections and companies, and makes for an excellent place to scout for prospects.  LinkedIn Company Pages provide a solid, reliable base of information you can use to quickly qualify potential leads and build rapport when you choose to reach out.

Sales Prospecting Tool #5: Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows users to create and customize online stores. With Shopify, users can manage their inventory, shipping, and payments all online, and in one place. Plus, Shopify is accessible through web, mobile, online marketplaces, social media, and even brick-and-mortar locations.

Sales Prospecting Tool #6: Marketo

Marketo is a marketing automation platform designed to automate the process of engaging with prospective and existing customers through digital channels, including mobile devices, email, video, website, and search advertisements. Users can automate marketing campaigns and analyze conversions and sales with personalized, automated campaigns aimed at targeted leads and potential customers.

Sales Prospecting Tool #7: Outreach

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that allows you to, as its name implies, reach out to prospects and customers through a series of targeted communication “sequences” which can include phone calls, emails, physical sends, and social media–all in one tool. Outreach’s features enable email automation and personalization, as well as the ability to measure outreach campaign effectiveness. With Outreach, you can set up key automated touchpoints so your recipients will receive prompt replies from you, and if you don’t hear back from them, Outreach can automatically follow up. It can even A/B test messages and subject lines so you can evaluate what’s landing better with your audience.

Sales Prospecting Tool #8: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool that allows companies to conduct market research, send quick polls, and anonymously collect customer and employee feedback. Surveys can be tailored towards target audiences, and data report analysis can be easily exported and shared to different teams for better data-backed decision making. SurveyMonkey can be great for sending surveys and providing your sales team with crucial data about prospects to fuel more meaningful conversations. You can even send triggered surveys after events or webinars and get response data tied back to the opportunity.

Sales Prospecting Tool #9: SalesLoft

SalesLoft serves as a sales marketing tool that provides sales teams with enhanced capabilities for communication, and allows for email tracking and sales calls in a single platform. SalesLoft helps save time through email automation “cadences.” At the same time, SalesLoft is well known for providing personalized outreach to customers that helps guarantee greater revenue for businesses in the long run.

Sales Prospecting Tool #10: Influitive

Influitive enables teams to create a community of customer advocates, and mobilize these customer advocates at scale. Within these communities, customers can complete personalized challenges and compete for badges, earn points, and advance levels by giving referrals, providing product reviews, and sharing social media posts. These challenges can be personalized to a specific person or group, and keep customers engaged and incentivized to continue using your product.

Sales Prospecting Tool #11: Magento

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform that provides each online merchant with plenty of control over their online store: everything from the functionality, to the look, and the content. Magento has a flexible shopping cart system, and has tools for marketing, SEO optimization, and managing your online catalog. With Magento, online shops are able to scale their product offerings from one or a few to thousands. It can also help with reporting and analysis, has a payment system and allows for product management, and is accessible on mobile devices.

Sales Prospecting Tool #12: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In addition to the many options available within the Salesforce ecosystem, they also have Salesforce Marketing Cloud which includes a wide range of tools within it designed to manage a company’s interaction across multiple channels with all prospects and customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an essential piece to Salesforce’s customer success platform, and features several “studios” such as an Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Journey Builder, and others, all aimed at increasing customer engagement, creating automated, personalized customer experiences, and measure and analyze campaign results.

Sales Prospecting Tool #13: Hubspot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and move customers across the deal line. You can use their tools to host web and landing pages, create blogs and email sequences, and manage interactions with your leads and customers. It also gives you the power to analyze the success of campaigns and track user behavior.

Sales Prospecting Tool #14: Pardot

 Pardot is a marketing automation platform by Salesforce designed for B2B sales and marketing organizations of any size. With Pardot, a marketing automation platform by Salesforce, users can create targeted email campaigns based on each customer’s interaction with content and marketing materials, design and send customized, automated marketing emails, track each step of a customer’s journey, and which prospect is most likely to become a possible customer based on their lead prediction formula.

Sales Prospecting Tool #15: Sendoso 

Sendoso is the most effective way for revenue-driving teams to stand out with new ways to engage at strategic points throughout the customer journey. By sending personalized gifts, branded swag, and eGifts at-scale, Sendoso customers see significant time savings per campaign, an increase in conversion rates, and higher retention rates.

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With the above tools in your arsenal, you’ll be able to find new prospects, pitch more confidently, set more meetings, and generate more pipeline with half the time and effort.

Sales Prospecting Tool #16: UpLead 

UpLead is a powerful Lead Generation Platform created to help B2B companies connect with the right prospects. Unlike several other options here, UpLead offers a 95% data accuracy guarantee. That, combined with its large database, its email validation capabilities, and its data enrichment features, makes UpLead a great option for anyone looking for solid, updated, and reliable leads.

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