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Stand Out and Inspire Connections

Join us for a deep dive on best practices, trending topics, new feature how-to’s, and customer sending stories. Leverage these key insights and recommendations to optimize your programs and foster engagement to create meaningful connections.

Video Series

Lesson 3: Sendoso for Sales- Engaging Sales Strategies to Inspire and Boost Business

Looking for new and innovative ways to engage your customers? Develop a personalized gifting strategy to engage your prospects in a new and meaningful way.

Lesson 2: Sendoso for events: High impact sends for Field Marketers

Capture the attention of your event audience with gifts. Whether you’re virtual or in-person, these insightful techniques are great to use no matter where you are.


Lesson 1: Engagement Insights For Effective Sends

Key insights from the most successful sends to help you send intelligently to foster engagement, gain trust, and influence purchase behavior.