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See why over 800 global brands have created over 3 million sends across 165 countries.
International Sending
The Power of Choice

The power of choice

Vast Global Marketplace

Choose from physical and eGift options in 49 countries, from food delivery and coffee shops, charity and philanthropy, to games and entertainment, and even cash-equivalent options.

Worldwide Send Curation

Our send curators are experts in finding the perfect items, no matter where you’re sending.

Local Buyers

With resident US and EU-based buyers, Sendoso curates eGift and physical selections unique to each market.

The power of scale

Global Warehouses

Sendoso supports all your sending needs with warehouses in the US, Canada, UK, (EU warehouse opening early 2022), and Asia-Pacific.

International Address Confirmation

Address Confirmation ensures that what you send reaches your customers wherever they are.

The Power of Scale
The Power of Confidence

The power of confidence

Global Support

Live support 5 days a week, 24 hours a day, ensures you are covered in any location or time zone.

Data and Security

Sendoso is fully GDPR compliant and SOC 2 Certified.

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We’ve seen response rates and success with Sendoso like no other form of outreach.

Peter Tarrant, Account Based Marketer, Tipalti

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