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50+ Proven Direct Mail Examples for B2B and B2C Teams

Since 1000 B.C., when the first widely acknowledged example of direct mail marketing took place, people have been using the approach to reach out to prospects and clients easily.

With the internet and advances in technology, companies can now market to even more people instantly as traditional channels are slowly phased out.

While direct mail is still a more labor-intensive and expensive customer outreach approach, it still works.

What is a Good Response Rate for Direct Mail?

Direct mail gets 30 times the response rate for email as consumers tend to act on it immediately compared to how they deal with email. According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail has an average response rate of 5% for prospect lists and 9% for mail house lists.

The rate is lower for complicated or expensive products, for which a figure of less than 1% is considered normal. Plus, direct mail can create a more genuine relationship between a company and its prospects or clients as it makes them feel more valued and increases the likelihood that they’ll continue to use a product.

With these and other data around direct mail, it’s easy to see why it’s still a trusted strategy for companies to build relationships and deliver steady sales growth.

What Types of Direct Mail are the Most Effective?

When you think of direct mail, what likely comes to mind are postcards with offers, catalogs, solicitation letters, coupons, and free samples. These are all used to capture attention and entice the receiver to check out your products or services. But there’s another way companies are using direct mail to achieve this same goal — corporate gifting.

If you’re looking to connect with prospective clients through a promotional mailer, sending them a gift is a good way to sow the seeds.

Not only are client gifts a kind gesture to appreciate their loyalty, but they’re a great way to reach out to prospects and create Physical Impressions that show them you care enough to plan ahead and spend money on them.

From branded swag and experiences to custom box bundles or delightful treats, there are hundreds of client gifts to choose from that people actually appreciate. Even eGifts are widely used by businesses — sure, these aren’t traditional forms of direct mail, but it does get the job done.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve picked out 50+ proven direct mail marketing examples you can get that will keep you in their minds all year but are also good for business.

22 Direct Mail Examples for B2B Companies

Direct mail is easier for your company’s prospects to understand and it’s more memorable. Adding it to your campaigns increases the likelihood of better sales performance and higher acquisitions than not having it at all.

If you need some direct mail piece examples, here’s a list to get you started:

  1. A LEGO set with a note letting them know you’d love to connect, or you’d like to know how else to connect with them.
  2. A thoughtful handwritten note that shows them how much you know about their company and why you can help.
  3. A desk plant along with a note saying, “We want to brighten your day”.
  4. “Learn about us while you get your morning fix” coffee mug to start their day on a high note.
  5. Relevant book that explains more on what you can do for them and a note directing them to a particular page or chapter and why they’d enjoy reading the book.
  6. “We’d love to hear your thoughts” video mailer with a demo of your product.
  7. Gift card and a little note to say, “We hope you like us just as much as you like (the gift)”.
  8. A sports company can send a branded seasonal gift like a football with a handwritten note that says, “You’re a baller!”
  9. Swag items like fidget pens, AirPods case or metal tumbler with a note saying, “We care about the little things in life”.
  10. A pair of good quality noise-canceling headphones along with a note saying, “Let us help you stay hyper-focused at work.”
  11. Massage chair and a note that says, “We’ve got your back.”
  12. 3D puzzle with a little note that says, “Looking forward to helping you solve it with (your product).”
  13. Leather journal and note saying, “We love helping you capture every detail.”
  14. A branded business card holder with a note saying, “We want to make your life easier.”
  15. Indoor putting green with ball return and a note saying, “We’ll keep your business on par.
  16. Signature cufflinks with a note saying, “We love to make you look good.”
  17. A postcard with a personalized, handwritten note to remind them that you’re looking forward to hearing from them.
  18. Tickets to a relevant webinar or industry event to celebrate your working relationship.
  19. A travel kit for the executive who is always on-the-go.
  20. An eGift along with a gift card from their favorite coffee shop.
  21. Gift card to an online classroom with a note saying, “Let’s build each other up.”
  22. Fitness wearable with a note saying, “We’ll keep your business in excellent shape.”

27 Direct Mail Examples for B2C Companies

B2C companies have both the opportunities and challenges in the “new normal” of online spaces. Adding direct mail to online marketing is the smart way to market and reach customers.

Here are some unique ideas that will make sure you remain relevant and visible in your prospects’ minds.

  1. A webcam company can send webcam covers to make their clients’ cyber security a priority.
  2. An electronics company can send a portable charger with a note saying, “We care about your everyday conveniences.”
  3. A leather company can send a three leather pouch with a note that says, “We’re pragmatic.”
  4. A bakery can send a box of gourmet cookies with a little note saying, “We look forward to a sweet working relationship.”
  5. A beverages company can send a pack of energy drinks with a note saying, “Let us fuel your day.”
  6. A wine company can send a bottle of wine to say, “Let’s celebrate together.”
  7. A stationary company can send customized desk calendars with a note saying, “Save the date” for an important webinar or industry event.
  8. A beauty company can send a beauty kit for the client who is always on the go with a note saying, “We keep you looking good.”
  9. A security company can send an RFID blocking passport cover with a note saying, “We’re concerned for your safety.”
  10. A branding company can send a set of branded tumblers as a reminder that you go the extra mile.
  11. A confectionery store can send a box of cupcakes that feature both company logos on them with a note saying, “Let us sweeten the deal.”
  12. A restaurant can send their top clients gourmet food and fruit gift basket with a note that says, “We’re looking forward to a fruitful relationship.”
  13. A travel company can send smart travel tags to their clients every year.
  14. An office supplies company can send paper clips in jars to their top clients twice a year with a note saying, “We value our bond.”
  15. A tablet device company can send e-readers to their best clients every year.
  16. A coffee shop can send K-cup samplers to clients that they can enjoy for weeks and think of them fondly each time they enjoy their freshly brewed coffee.
  17. A fitness center can send their loyal customers water bottles they’ll actually use.
  18. A flower shop can send their top clients succulent plants with a note saying, “We love to keep our relationship evergreen.”
  19. A pet food store can send gift cards to a BarkBox subscription to reward members as a thank you for their loyal business.
  20. An apparels company can send clients custom t-shirts with personalized messages or photos.
  21. A company can send their loyal customers a selection of coffee or tea blends and give them the gift of flavor.
  22. A music store can send a pair of good headphones to their most loyal clients with a note that says, “Your business is music to our ears.”
  23. A company whose clients conduct most of their business on the golf course can send a set of custom tees or balls branded with their logo.
  24. A furniture company can send a set of custom coasters every year to their top clients.
  25. A car dealer can reward their customers with microfiber cleaners to keep their cars sparkling.
  26. A company can give its loyal customers offers, which they can respond to by scanning the code.
  27. A retailer can reward its top customers with free shipping.

Hopefully, looking at these direct mail examples has given you ideas that can help you successfully drive your direct mail advertising campaigns.

By delighting your prospects with thoughtful notes or packages, you can stand out from the crowd and foster a relationship of trust, which is the basis of any successful relationship with your customers.

How Sendoso Can Help Your Direct Mail Campaign

With Sendoso, you can accelerate deals and set meetings with your prospects, especially those you’d normally have a difficult time reaching out to or getting in touch with.

The unique direct mail sends help you break through and outshine the competition. Not only that, but it also helps you come in with a message that resonates with your prospect.

With Sendoso’s help, you can get your brand on the desks and in the hands of your prospects.

Our in-house Send Curators will help you brainstorm, source, and order items for your direct mail campaigns. Our expansive vendor network coupled with our hands-on experience in creating and sending thousands of campaigns will help you reach your campaign goals. You’ll also find our Sending Platform helpful for tracking and measuring your results.

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