Direct Mail Examples

In your customers’ email inboxes, other companies are constantly vying for their attention. On average, office workers receive a staggering 121 emails per day.

Targeted direct mail campaigns are an excellent way to breakthrough all that digital noise. With such stiff competition for business, it’s vital to send a stand-out direct mail campaign that will surprise, delight, and influence your customers to continue the conversation.

To truly distinguish your mail piece from others and really wow your recipients, try sending something other than the standard mailer or postcard. Kick your direct mail campaign ideas up a notch by sending personalized gifts, customized rewards, thoughtful handwritten notes, sweet treats, desk plants, company swag, and eGift cards. (Hint: A Sending Platform like Sendoso makes sending all of the above as easy as pushing a button.)

There’s also no limit to what direct mail can be utilized for: Sales, marketing, customer success, HR, customer support, operations, and more can all benefit from sending the right items to the right people to create potential leads and close important deals.

But with so many options to choose from, what direct mail campaign ideas will be the most effective? That’s exactly what we’re here to answer. 


B2B Direct Mail Examples for a Successful Send 

Sendoso has your back when it comes to suggestions for fun, practical, and personalized gifts to incorporate into your B2B and B2C direct mail campaigns. By sending high-quality items to your recipients, you’re communicating how much you value their business and your sincere investment in their success.

Pro-tip: Once your items are sent, make sure you’ve got a follow-up plan to set in motion. You can learn best practices for establishing one here.

Check out a ton of excellent options for direct mail campaigns that are sure to get your customers’ attention:

25 Direct Mail Examples for B2B Companies

  1. “Road to Success” kit that includes a welcome letter from the CEO, best practices materials, quick reference guides, and some fun company swag.
  2. Custom painting of Linkedin photo with a note saying, “Every customer deserves a close-up!”
  3. “Relax and Recharge” self-care kit to help them solve their “pain points”
  4. Plane travel kit for the executive who is always on-the-go
  5. Heated blanket for a new prospect with a note saying you hope they’re “warming up” to the idea of working together
  6. Nespresso Machine to help keep them chugging along
  7. Nice pair of bluetooth headphones or AirPods with a note about your businesses making a great pair
  8. Fitbit with a note saying, “We want to get your business in tip-top shape!”
  9. Office putting green and note saying, “We love keeping your business on par!”
  10. Sculpture bowl for the art enthusiast and a note saying, “We love seeing our business relationship take shape!”
  11. Google Home Mini and note saying, “We want to make your life easier!”
  12. VR headset and note saying, “We love what we see in our future together!”
  13. Year of Spotify premium and note saying, “Working together is like music to our ears!”
  14. Audible Gift card and note saying, “Our business story has only just begun!”
  15. Branded Laptop backpack and note saying, “We take care of our valuables here!”
  16. Beer brewing kit and note saying, “It’s always happy hour working with you!”
  17. Fun chess set and note saying, “We love helping you develop your strategy!”
  18. Cufflinks and note saying, “We pay special attention to detail with you!”
  19. Retro bundle: A polaroid camera and polaroid pictures of your product with a note saying, “Look how far we’ve come together!”
  20. Carry-on cocktail kit and a note saying, “Cheers to your success!”
  21. Tickets to a relevant industry conference or sporting event to celebrate your “6 Month-aversary” together
  22. Apple Watch and note saying, “We’re on call whenever you need!”
  23. Leather tech organizer and note saying, “We love helping you day to day!”
  24. Birchbox subscription and note saying, “You make us look good!”
  25. Hot sauce sampler and note about how much their business is “heating up”!

B2C Direct Mail Campaign Ideas To Make An Impact  

When it comes to direct mail for B2C, it’s truly the thought that counts. These B2C send ideas are fun and extremely affordable, but still have the power to positively associate your brand with a surprise spark of joy for the recipient. Take a look at some great options below:


25 Direct Mail Examples for B2C Companies 

  1. A meal-kit company can send reusable, company branded bags to subscribers with a note saying, “We hope you use us again and again!”
  2. A SaaS company can send webcam covers to customers with a note saying, “We’ve got you covered!”
  3. A law practice can send their top-tier clients a professional development book as a thank you for their thought leadership
  4. A stationary company can send mini file cabinets for important business cards
  5. A business can send succulents to all new customers with a note celebrating new growth together
  6. An airline can send branded eye masks to its reward members as a thank you for their loyal business
  7. A real estate agent sells a home in a certain neighborhood and can send a postcard announcement to the home-owners in the surrounding area.
  8. A gym franchise can send desktop punch balls with a note saying, “We fight for our members!”
  9. A toy store can send desk tic-tac-toe sets with a note saying, “You’re a winner!” to all their customers who
  10. A company can send puzzles with a note saying, “We make a great fit!” to each new hire
  11. A cruise line can send search-specific promotions to “abandoned cart” customers based on the selections they made during the check-out process
  12. A consultant firm can send candy pill bottles to new clients with a note saying, “We’ll help you cure your business problems!”
  13. A pet store creates a personalized coupon postcard based on the preferred pet food brands and products of its current customers.
  14.  A sales company can send a “Meeting in a box” to all new deals over $5,000 with note saying, “We’ve struck a pretty sweet deal together!”
  15. A yoga studio can send stress balls to first-time visitors with a note saying, “We’ll help you stress less every month!”
  16. A sporting can send company sends frisbees to rewards members and with a note saying, “There’s no telling how far we can go!”
  17. A company can send branded socks to potential clients with a note saying, “Making sure you don’t get cold feet! ”
  18.  A messaging app can send custom pop-sockets and a “pop-quiz” on who their #1 customers are to everyone who downloads the app
  19. An electronics company can send portable chargers to customers who’ve had support issues
  20. A food delivery platform can send branded reusable straws to all new customers who sign up
  21. A ed-tech company can send notebooks to customers who purchase their highest subscription membership
  22. A wine company can send bottle openers to its wine-club members once a year
  23. A subscription shoe company can send desk foot hammocks to its members with a note saying “Put your feet up, we’ve got your shoe needs handled!”
  24. A beauty company can send travel bags to customers who spend $50 or more during the holiday season
  25. A cafe chain can send portable mugs to its customers who buy 3 drinks or more a week for 30 days.

Tips for Success in Your Direct Mail Campaign

Wondering when the best time is for sending your direct mail campaign? The answer is always right now! In fact, we recommend that you start planning your direct mail campaign four-to-six weeks ahead of time (depending on how many you’re looking to send). This includes time for research, sourcing, packing and shipping boxes, and delivery time to their actual desk (note that our Sending Platform handles the manual work for you)—all of which will take much longer if you’re sending during the holiday season. By beginning as early as possible you can avoid any delays out of your control like warehouse sourcing and mail-carrier holdups. Also, if you’re looking to send around the holidays, the sooner you can execute on your ideas, the better.

Another key aspect to remember when implementing your campaign is relevancy. The most important factor in direct mail marketing is making sure the items you send are the RIGHT gifts for the recipients. For example, when sending a  gift for your mother who doesn’t enjoy sports, it would be wise to not buy her season tickets for a professional sports team.The same concept applies here. Do some research to uncover what might be relevant, funny, or personalized to your audience, and always include a brief and thoughtful handwritten note for maximum impact.

Your job is not over after you’ve successfully sent your mail piece though. Next comes the most crucial aspect of sending direct mail: the follow-up. Without a follow-up strategy, all that research and planning that went into your campaign could go down the drain! To ensure an ROI, don’t just wait for a response from the recipient and expect them to keep the ball rolling.

Strategize your next move for how you’ll continue the conversation once your direct mail items are received and opened. Having your sales reps  send a brief email to see how they liked the direct mail and then sending a handwritten note one month later to go over next steps is a great way to maintain contact with the recipient without becoming a nuisance or looking like you’re expecting something in return.

Even a simple text or phone call just to say you hoped they enjoy the item will work (and it wouldn’t hurt to propose reconnecting next month or next quarter).  Plus, following up shows your gift was not a mere afterthought or, but rather a well-thought out gesture to show how much you value the recipient’s business.

Let’s Get You Sending! 

Using a Sending Platform like Sendoso is a great idea for implementing all of these amazing direct mail campaign ideas. Not only is it possible to send beautiful and customized items at scale, but it can also eliminate an average of 20+ hours of manpower per campaign, leaving you and your team free to pursue even more direct mail campaigns. Take a tour of our Sending Platform today!

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