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October 15, 2020

20 Holiday Send Ideas for Q4

By Nova Halliwell

Let’s be honest: No one has “email” at the top of their holiday wish list. If you’re trying to get a prospective customer’s attention or strengthen a relationship with an existing client, it’s important to rise above the digital noise by sending something they actually want to get. But what?

At Sendoso, we specialize in sending best practices and helping people choose the perfect gift, no matter the time of year. Here are twenty of our favorite ideas to get you on your way to sending a creative, thoughtful, and impactful gift in Q4.

20 Holiday Send Ideas Perfect for Q4

  1. For sports lovers, October is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Send your contacts a branded football, team jersey, or bottle opener with a custom note explaining how you can help them “up their game.”
  2. With many still working from home, now is a great time to help clients and contacts spruce up their work area. Send your newly remote colleagues a wooden desk clock, mini vacuum keyboard cleaner, or succulent. (We also have highly convincing artificial desk plants—no judgement.)
  3. Admit it: You’ve made small talk about toilet paper this past year. Want to give your recipient a little giggle? Send them the “cheeky” gift of branded toilet paper.
  4. Encourage your team to take a few minutes each day to think creatively with a mental block puzzle, desktop tic-tac-toe set, or custom Legos kit. Include a note that reminds them what happens when their day is “all work and no play.”
  5. Know someone with a green thumb? Help them keep the garden going year-round with an indoor herb garden starter kit, Hydropod sweet basil plant or desktop daisies grow kit. Let them know you’re around to help them “grow” something amazing.
  6. It may be cliché but it’s true: There’s no better way to unwind on a chilly fall night than with a branded aromatherapy candle and customized, corduroy Sherpa blanket. Embrace the basic—you earned it.
  7. Want to make a real splash with clients this holiday season? Go big with one of our high-value items, like a Nespresso machine, Amazon Echo Dot, or BROOC UV Self Cleaning Water Bottle. Given the sending timeline it’s important to order items like these and any custom box orders by Oct. 28.

  1. Thanksgiving is the unofficial kick-off of the holiday season and lots of people will be entertaining friends and loved ones. Make sure your clients’ pantry is well-stocked with little nibbles like a cheese sampler, premium popcorn set, or cookie box. We also have healthy options (if you must) like a fresh fruit, nut, and trail mix basket.
  2. Speaking of… Know anyone trying to stay on their best behavior this holiday season? Give your health-conscious contacts a fun way to stay active with a FitBit. Add a note telling them that you’re here to help them “step it up.”
  3. One word showing up on gift guides this year? Sustainable. Show your recipients you care about them and the environment with a reusable straw set, YETI coffee mug, or water bottle.
  4. Want to remind your contact that you can help them solve their biggest problems? Send a Pickle of the Month subscription with a note telling them you can help them find their way out of any… well, you know.
  5. Even the smallest gift can surprise and delight. Consider sending a branded Airpods case, holiday ornament, luggage tag, webcam cover, or loads of other great items for less than $20 each.

  1. Movember” is officially over—much to the relief of many a significant other. Send a special thank you to a Movember participant with a subscription to Dollar Shave Club.
  2. The holiday season is in full swing. Give a client the chance to unwind with a mulled wine kit. Add a note telling the recipient that you’re around to help them “mull over” some new ideas for the coming year.
  3. Here at Sendoso, we don’t condone re-gifting… unless you’re given a plush dog toy. Send the pet lover in your life a branded plaything as “something to chew on” for the new year.
  4. Ugly sweaters are so 2019. Give someone in your life the chance to change it up with an ugly gingerbread house. Send a house-making kit with a note reminding them that you’ll be around to help “build” something beautiful in the new year.
  5. Or just send that ugly holiday sweater. We have those too!
  6. Didn’t get around to holiday shopping until it was too late? Pick one of our super-quick, super-simple, super-useful non-branded gifts like a bottle of champagne or wine, gift cards, chocolates, planners, and much more.
  7. Did you receive an unexpected holiday gift and want to return the favor? Don’t panic. Send some cheer right back to your generous contacts with a 2021 calendar, spa day kit, or cocktail kit.
  8. That’s a wrap on 2020. Help your clients ring in the new year in style with a champagne and flute set, whiskey tumblers, or branded bottle of wine.

Gift-giving is a great way to rise above the noise year-round—but especially during the busy holiday season. At Sendoso, we’ll help you find the perfect gift, whether you’re an early planner or last-minute shopper. And when you send with Sendoso the best part is…. no wrapping required!

Saw an idea you like? To learn more about the typical gifting timeline, order deadlines, pricing, and other considerations, reach out to Sendoso to schedule a platform demo. And for more great gift ideas, check out our 167 Exceptional B2B Gift Ideas eBook. 

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