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February 22, 2021

85 Gift Ideas for New Employees

By Sendoso

Buying gifts for new employees is a great way to welcome new hires. Many companies are now doing this to appeal to new talent (and hopefully keep them around).

Some employers opt for swag bags, new employee welcome kits, or other unique ideas to make their company stand apart.

If you’re considering doing the same, then you may be wondering what the best gifts are for new employees. So let’s take a look at some ideas to consider.

Why Should I Give Gifts to My Employees?

Is it required to purchase a gift for every new hire? Nope. But the companies that do make their brands stand apart in a good way. One thing to keep in mind is that new hires joining your company is just as much their choice as it is yours.

So if you’re not consistently looking for ways to keep your workplace happy, then you may end up with low retention rates.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you should give gifts to new employees:

  • It makes a great first impression of your company
  • It paints a positive picture of your company’s culture
  • It helps new employees feel more connected to your company
  • It can boost job satisfaction and loyalty

Now, keep in mind that swag packs aren’t always the best choice. Having your logo plastered on a gift can devalue it, making it less personable. So having non-logoed gifts should definitely be considered.

What Are Some Good Employee Gifts?

There are many great gifts for new employees. When selecting gifts for new hires, keep in mind your industry and the role of the employee. For example, if you hired a graphic designer, then consider gifts that’d make their job more pleasing. If they’re expected to hit large goals as a team, then buying a basketball hoop as a brief distraction and team-building activity can be helpful.

Some other ideas include:

  • Welcome package that offers gadgets they’ll need on the job (USB, wireless mouse, ergonomic mouse pad, etc.)
  • New employee welcome basket that showcases your company’s culture (healthy snacks, if you promote wellness)
  • Fun gifts to break the ice (desktop punching bag, dart board, etc.)
  • eGifts for your remote hires

How Can I Make Employee Gifts Special?

There are several ways you can make an employee’s welcome gift special. For example, you can:

  • Include a personalized handwritten note
  • Purchase a personalized gift (not every employee gets the same thing)
  • Wrap the gift in a quality box (if it’s a keepsake box, even better)
  • Involve their co-workers to help speed up team bonding

To make your employee’s gifts special, try to learn the hobbies and interests they have. This way, you can find a gift that matches their personality.

New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

Next, let’s take a look at some ideas for the best gifts for new employees.

1. Personalized Coffee (or Tea) Mug

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Know that a new employee enjoys sipping on coffee or tea in the morning? Then buy a mug with a personalized laser-engraved text on the side.

2. Personalized Water Bottles

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Add your new hire’s name to the side of this 32 oz water bottle. It’s stainless steel and will keep their drinks hot or cold.

3. Black Lacquer Rollerball Pen

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Here’s an elegant pen designed with black and 24K gold finish. Every employee needs a quality ball pen, and it looks luxurious.

4. Soft Leather Cover Planner

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

You want your new hires to get started on the right foot. Help them hit the ground running with a weekly/monthly planner.

5. Get Sh*t Done Productivity Guide

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Help your new employees become productive with this ultimate guide on productivity and procrastination.

6. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Sitting at the desk for long hours can cause neck and back pain. This neck and back massager comes with multiple settings to get the kinks out.

7. Foot Massager Roller

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Walking around the office in heels or dress shoes can hurt your feet. This neat massager roller is the perfect way to relieve tension in the feet while sitting at the desk.

8. Desktop Punching Bag

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

This punching bag sticks to the desk and serves as a great stress reliever and brief distraction on those stressful days.

9. Scented Candles Gift Set

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

This gift set comes with 4 candles with essential oils used for aromatherapy.

10. Reed Diffuser

Send via Sendoso viaThe Botanical Candle Co

Allow new hires to add warm, floral scents to their area or office with this sandalwood and rose geranium reed diffuser.

11. Triple Delight Gift Basket

Send via Sendoso viaGift Baskets Overseas

This gift basket comes with wine and snacks — the perfect celebratory present.

12. Beer from All Over the World

Send via Sendoso viaGift Baskets Overseas

Have a guy or gal you recently hired who enjoys a good lager? Then this beer basket is the perfect gift.

13. Fairytale Sprite Dozen

Send via Sendoso viaFairytale Brownies

This brownie gift box comes with delicious flavors like cream cheese and buttery Toffee Crunch, all individually wrapped.

14. Sugar-Free Morsel 24

Send via Sendoso viaFairytale Brownies

For your health-conscious new hires, you can opt for this sugar-free version of delicious brownies, which comes with 24 in a box.

15. Garrett Mix

Send via Sendoso viaGarrett Popcorn

This tin of popcorn comes with the popular mix of cheddar and caramel popcorn.

16. Mint Trio

Send via Sendoso viaGarrett Popcorn

This chocolate gift box comes with an original milk mint, white chocolate mint, and dark mint pieces.

17. Cookie Stack

Send via Sendoso viaCookie Good

This stack of cookies comes with six classic flavors from the brand. You also have the option to add a bow to the clear tube it comes in.

18. Personalized Individually-Wrapped Cookies

Send via Sendoso viaCookie Good

Choose to add your logo to each individually wrapped cookie with the flavor of your choice. You can also add gift wrap.

19. Pumpkin and Scones Gift Box

Send via Sendoso viaBonjour Bakehouse

This gift box comes with a jar of dulce de pumpkin and six soft, flaky scones.

20. Pear and Gingersnap Gift Box

Send via Sendoso viaBonjour Bakehouse

Your new hires will enjoy consuming this gift box. It comes with seven ginger snap cookies and a jar of dulce de pear.

21. Best of the Valley Local Sweets

Send via Sendoso viaBirdytell

This gift basket for new employees comes with a Phoenix magazine, cacao, chocolatier, butterscotch marshmallow taffy, and other local treats.

22. Local Roasters Coffee Box

Send via Sendoso viaBirdytell

Here’s a great gift for the coffee-loving new hires. This boasts prickly pear coffee, press coffee, cartel coffee lab, Brazilian medium roast, and black market desert city dark coffee varieties.

23. OMGF Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Send via Sendoso viaBaked By Melissa

The non-gluten-eating new hires will appreciate you going out of your way to gift them these cupcakes. It comes in six varieties of flavors.

24. Vegan Brownie in a Mug Kit

Send via Sendoso viaBad Brownie

If you have a new hire who’s a proud vegan, then this is the perfect kit. It comes with a mug, chocolate orange mix, salted caramel mix, and Biscoff mix.

25. CBD Brownie Bite Box

Send via Sendoso viaBad Brownie

CBD comes with all sorts of health benefits. Give these brownie bites to a new hire who already uses CBD (they’re THC-free, of course).

26. Branded Hipster Fanny Pack

Send via Sendoso viaAnyPromo

Fanny packs are back in style — get your new hires one with your brand on it so they can hold their snacks, smartphone, and other gadgets.

27. Branded Messenger Laptop Bag

Send via Sendoso viaAnyPromo

Give your new hires a laptop bag they can use for work or on the go (checkpoint friendly for air travel too).

28. Branded San Diego Hoodie

Send via Sendoso viaAcrobat Branding

Welcome your new hires with a branded hoodie they can wear when it’s cool outside (or in the office).

29. Branded Waterproof Bottle w/ Lanyard

Send via Sendoso viaAcrobat Branding

This water bottle comes with a waterproof sleeve, ideal for protecting cash and other objects. Plus, it has a lanyard for hands-free transport.

30. Wild Child Flight

Send via Sendoso viaIn Good Taste

This wine tasting kit comes with 8 varieties of flavors to enjoy alone after work or with a group of friends.

31. Vartamana Chardonnay

Send via Sendoso viaIn Good Taste

This 750ml bottle of Chardonnay comes from the Central Coast AVA in Cienega Valley, California.

32. Under Armour Medium Duffle

Send via Sendoso viaInk Taco

Have a role you filled that requires carrying additional clothes or gear to work? Or maybe the new hire likes to workout — either way, this duffle is the perfect gift.

33. The North Face Groundwork Backpack

Send via Sendoso viaInk Taco

Know a new hire who enjoys biking, hiking, or camping? Then this is a suitable gift (with your logo on it, of course).

34. Raaka Chocolate Best Seller Bundle

Send via Sendoso viaRaaka Chocolate

This gift box comes with 3 bars of chocolate in the flavors of Bourbon Casked Aged, Pink Sea Salt, and Oat Milk — perfect for sharing with others in the office or at home.

35. Rum Cake in a Jar

Send via Sendoso viaMonfriese Rum Cakes

These delicious rum cakes are baked with the finest ingredients, and since they have a shelf life of up to 3 weeks, your recipients can enjoy them over and over again.

36. 12 Assorted Cruffles

Send via Sendoso viaSift Dessert Bar

Give your cruffle-crazed recipients a reason to smile when you send these tasty treats their way. Flavors include Chocolate, Pink Champagne, Red Velvet, and Cookies ‘n Cream.

37. Chocolate Letterbox Collection

Send via Sendoso viaLove Cocoa 

This is the perfect chocolate bar collection to accompany that much needed afternoon snack break!

38. Personalized Garden

Send via Sendoso viaLula’s Garden

Send your new hires a personalized garden for their new desktop. This one features a succulent, which is easy to care for.

39. Petite Zebra Garden

Send via Sendoso viaLula’s Garden

Give your new hires a beautiful plant to decorate their new office or cubicle space. This comes with a small succulent, which doesn’t require a lot of attention.

40. Remote Worker 1/2 Dozen Cookies

Send via Sendoso viaWicked Good Cookies

Have a remote hire you want to congratulate? Then send them a bundle of single-wrapped cookies. This comes with different varieties to choose from.

41. Peanut Butter Puddle Gift Box

Send via Sendoso viaWicked Good Cookies

Forget Reese’s Cups — here’s a delicious cookie treat with peanut butter puddles in the middle. It comes with individually-wrapped cookies.

42. The Classic Box of Champagne

Send via Sendoso viaThe Sip

Getting a new job is a great time to celebrate. Help your new hires do so with this classic box of champagne, which comes with three bottles (two classics and one novel).

43. eGift Card for Champagne

Send via Sendoso viaThe Sip

If you’re not sure which flavors of champagne your new hire likes, then get them an eGift card to buy their own.

44. Zakarian Awesome Cookies Classic Collection

Send via Sendoso viaThe Cravory

This classic cookie collection comes with chocolate chip, double fudge chunk, and oatmeal raisin cookies.

45. Cookies ‘N Cream Milkshake Cookies

Send via Sendoso viaThe Cravory

Give your new hires a delicious treat to enjoy while savoring the victory of new employment. This comes with malted milk, hand-chopped malt balls, and guittard white chocolate.

46. The Sweet and Salty

Send via Sendoso viaTeak and Twine

In this package, the recipient will get shortbread bits, salted bourbon caramel, and salted peanuts — perfect for those with a salty and sweet tooth.

47. The Office Essentials Kit

Send via Sendoso viaTeak and Twine

Here’s a thoughtful kit for a new office worker — it comes with instant coffee packs, candles, salted peanuts, mugs, notebook, brass pen, and shortbread cookies.

48. The Home Office Kit

Send via Sendoso viaTeak and Twine

This is a great gift for remote workers. It comes with a mug, candle, single-serving pour-over coffee packet, brass pen, and notebook.

49. Assorted Bars and Shortbreads

Send via Sendoso viaSweet Flour Bake Shop

Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy chomping away on the toffee crunch bar, chocolate fudge brownie, and double chocolate shortbread in this gift box.

50. Cookie or Brownie Gift Bag and Card

Send via Sendoso viaSweet Flour Bake Shop

Choose between a wrapped chocolate chunk cookie or fudge brownie and a thoughtful gift card for your new hires.

51. Gluten-Free Soup Gift Package

Send via Sendoso viaSpoonful of Comfort

Appeal to your gluten-free new hires with this gift basket. It comes with family-size soup, vegan cookies, vegan dinner rolls, and a personalized card.

52. Cookie Comforts

Send via Sendoso viaSpoonful of Comfort

Who doesn’t like munching on a box of cookies? Choose between four varieties like snickerdoodles, triple chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, gingerbread, and sugar cookies.

53. Snack Box

Send via Sendoso viaSnackNation

Choose between a variety of snack boxes for in-office or remote employees. Includes chips, plants, notebooks, and more.

54. Shareable Sweets Basket

Send via Sendoso viaPresent Day Gifts

Give your new employees something worth sharing with a gift basket featuring popcorn, cookies, nuts, shortbread, chocolate bar, truffles, and coffee or tea. It also comes with an optional plant.

55. Posh Pandemic Kit

Send via Sendoso viaPresent Day Gifts

Keep your new employees looking and feeling great with a posh pandemic kit. This comes with olive oil soap, tea, sanitizer, and a cotton mask.

56. Grooming Kit

Send via Sendoso viaPresent Day Gifts

Here’s a gift that’s perfect for your new male hires. It comes with natural soap, foot and shoe spray, lip balm, candle, socks, and a luxe cotton towel.

57. Party Box

Send via Sendoso viaPresent Day Gifts

This makes a great welcome gift for new hires. It comes with two bottles of wine and a variety of treats.

58. Culinary Box

Send via Sendoso viaPresent Day Gifts

Choose between a small or large kit with culinary items like olive oil, hot sauce, salt, spices, mustard, and vinegar.

59. Old Fashioned Gift Box

Send via Sendoso viaPresent Day Gifts

This is for those who enjoy good ol’ fashioned drinks. This gift box comes with whiskey, cherries, orange slices, bitters, jigger, and chocolate.

60. Jabra Wireless Speaker

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Make it easy for your new hires to take meeting calls and listen to tunes as they work with this easy-to-use wireless speaker.

61. Reusable Straws

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

For the eco-friendly, straw-using new hires, you can purchase stainless steel reusable straws, a case, and a mini brush for cleaning.

62. Collapsible Reusable Straws

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

These reusable straws make it easier to carry around reusable straws in your pocket or purse (comes with a plastic case).

63. 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

If you have remote workers you recently hired, then this is a great pastime to offer them.

64. Acupressure Mat

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Here’s another great gift for either remote or in-office workers. It’s a great way to reduce tension, headaches, and sore muscles.

65. Bento Bamboo Lunch Box

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Here’s another eco-friendly gift made with bamboo (no BPA) and it’s leak-proof, making it perfect for packing lunches.

66. Amazfit Fitness Tracker

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Help your new hires stay healthy with an activity tracker to analyze heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring, and overall health tracking.

67. Strong Foam Roller

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Long days in the office can be muscle tensing. Help new hires relax with this deep tissue massager.

68. SmartDevil Desk Humidifier

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

This humidifier is small enough for the desktop, quiet, and has a nightlight and auto shut-off function.

69. Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

This pinewood beer carrier is perfect for cookouts, parties, and other events. Holds six bottles and a bottle opener.

70. Hanging File Organizer

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

New employees can hang this on their wall to sort files, letters, and other documents. Plus, it can hold other items on the bottom shelf.

71. W&P Porter Bowl

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

This portable bowl is perfect for carrying light lunches and snacks to work. The lid snaps tight, and it has a carrying strap.

72. W&P Porter Glass Bottle

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

This portable wide mouth glass bottle is perfect for holding teas, coffee, water, and water infused with fruits.

73. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Protect your new employees’ eyes with these stylish blue light blocking glasses. Lifetime replacement included.

74. Kindle eGift Card

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Choose the design and amount of your eGift card, so your new hires can choose what to buy.

75. DoorDash Gift Card

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Select your gift card design and any amount of your choice, so new hires can enjoy hot meals delivered to the office or their home.

76. MECO Keyboard Cleaner

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

If you’re going to give new hires snacks and treats as gifts, then this would be the perfect addition to keep their work area nice and tidy.

77. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Give your new employees a way to stay hydrated and healthy with this fruit infuser water bottle. Plus, 13 different colors to choose from.

78. Tea Set with Tea Pot

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

This set comes with 12 different tea flowers, a teapot, and tea balls to infuse them in.

79. Bath and Body Gift Basket

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

This is an ideal gift for men and women. It comes with lotions, bath bombs, towel, and more.

80. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Give your new employees a way to relax after work with this set of 12 bath bombs.

81. Reusable Tote Bags

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Eco-friendly is the way to go in 2021 and beyond. This set comes with six tote bags you can use for shopping.

82. Desk Organizer with Drawer

Send via Sendoso viaAmazon

Allow your new employees to settle in nicely with this desk organizer. It holds pens, scissors, phone, cards, and other useful items.

83. Braided Money Tree

Send via Sendoso viaLeon & George

Some say this tree helps with luck and wealth — get this for your new hires to see if it works for them (and your company)!

84. Spiked Hard Seltzer Bucket

Send via Sendoso viaGourmet Gift Baskets

This bucket comes with nuts, cookies, trail mix, and various hard seltzer varieties.

85. Virtual Fitness Class

Send via Sendoso viaDryft Live

Give your remote and in-office employees a way to get fit at home with this fitness eGift.

Welcome Your New Employees with the Best Gifts

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to hire one new person or a group of people — selecting the right gifts will make the best first impression. With these ideas, you can conjure up what that may be based on your interview and conversations with the candidate.

Then to make it easier to personalize and ship to your new hires, you can use the Sendoso platform. This will enable you to sort through different gift ideas, personalize them how you choose, and even include a handwritten note.

You can watch your gifts ship and arrive to your new employees. It’s a one-stop-shop that’ll make buying a gift for new employees a breeze. So give it a whirl and request a free demo today!

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