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June 10, 2021

11 Branded Swag Ideas for Hybrid Events

By Gabrielle Riechert
This post is brought to you by Sendoso Field Marketing Manager Gabrielle Riechert.

What was that noise? Oh, sorry, it was just you having to pivot your field marketing and demand generation strategy again.

Folks, you heard me correctly, it’s that time of year to change your tactics (again) because we are going back to events. So grab your work bag, carry on, and all your essentials for business travel because your destination is the expo hall. 

For those of you who are excited to return to in-person, congratulations! It’s the moment you have been waiting for, but brace yourself to return to a different experience. Events will now have virtual components accompanying the in-person aspects, so how can we guarantee that all attendees will have excellent experiences.

As always, don’t worry if you are absent of ideas on how to keep attendees engaged virtually and in person, Sendoso has some ideas on how you can send branded swag, direct mail, and more in order to continue to create exceptional experiences.

Swag Ideas for In-Person Event Attendees

Swag for remote event attendees

Creativity in a Hybrid World

The hybrid world feels like a whole lot of unknown, which is intimidating, but it also means we get to pave the way together and there are no wrong ideas. 

Do these two things and you will be golden:

  1. Use diverse channels and touchpoints for your core audience, this way they get to experience physical and digital touchpoints whether they are at the in-person or virtual event experience. 
  2. Stay creative and you will be knocking your attendee’s branded socks off at either event! 

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