October 5, 2021

26 Unique Professional Gifts They Won't Forget

By Sendoso

We rounded up the best professional gifts to delight clients and customers alike. They won’t forget these 26 stylish and functional professional gift ideas. Read more here

What Gifts to Give

Clients love to receive gifts that make them feel seen. The best corporate gifts are tailored to your customers’ needs and interests. So when your aim is to make a lasting impression, you need to add a personal touch showing attention to detail. 

Whether you show your appreciation with a practical, creative, or thoughtful gift largely depends on the relationship you’ve established with the client. Not to worry, we’ve rounded up the best gifting ideas in several categories to help you decide on exactly the right gift to give.

Practical Gifts

Stay top of mind with a practical gift that customers can use right out of the box! These fresh picks definitely won’t be shoved into the bottom desk drawer.

  1. Frida Blend Coffee (10 oz.)
    Sendoso Partner: 3-19 Coffee
    Description: How many pots of coffee are downed each day at the office? Gift this delicious go-to house blend, perfect for any brew method. Clients will love these flavors that are smooth, full, and hold a sweet finish.
  1. 4-Pack Cake Doughnut Variety
    Sendoso Partner: The Dough Bar
    Description: Donut Friday is practically a staple in many customer offices. Put a twist on it with these fun treats, seen on Shark Tank! They are packed with healthy proteins and make a great teacher appreciation gifts.
  1. Explorer Cold Brew
    Sendoso Partner: Explorer Cold Brew Co.
    Description: Employees can enjoy four different levels of caffeine in this handy cold brew 4-pack. Pop it in the fridge and it can be enjoyed right out of the box! This is a corporate gift that’s sure to go to good use on a Monday morning.
  1. Ceramic Desk Succulent
    Sendoso Partner: Lula’s Garden
    Description: This practical business gift spruces up any dull home office. A perfect desk accessory, this potted succulent is sure to add a little style to any reception area.
  1. Journaling Letterbox Gift
    Sendoso Partner: Social Stories Club
    Description: Many successful business leaders keep a journal religiously. Impress your boss or corporate attorney with this smart professional gift that comes with an A5 journal, twin tea pack, sea salt caramels, and more. As an added bonus, this purchase supports several social causes.

Creative Gifts

Make an impression with a memorable appreciation gift that is full of surprise. 

  1. Haus Mixology Expedition
    Sendoso Partner: Marco
    Description: The best corporate gifts offer a unique twist, like this immersive mixology experience! A resident Marco mixologist will lead your team on a cocktail adventure, teaching them creative ways to mix familiar cocktails with a modern twist. It’s a great way to encourage staff socializing or celebrate a special occasion.
  1. DIY Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Sendoso Partner: The Cravory
    Description: The Cravory has a cult following, but why send another gourmet cookie gift basket when you can send something that will be fun to DIY? With this gift box, you can bake Cravory cookies at home and savor 14 delicious cookies fresh out of the oven!
  1. Magic “Monday”: Enhance Your Productivity
    Sendoso Partner: Marco
    Have a customer who is all about self-care and making moves towards their goals? They’ll love this new and creative customer appreciation experience. Recipients can choose from two wellness workshops: Diet for Improved Energy and Productivity or 5 Foundations of Productivity: Learn “How to 2x Your Productivity in 15 Days”. In addition, they’ll enjoy the world’s first “productivity drink”, Magic Mind, packed with matcha, adaptogens, and more healthy goodness.
  1. Pretzel Pizza for One
    Sendoso Partner: Sweet Secrets
    Description: Did we say pretzel and pizza?? Yes! Welcome new hires on board with this treat that is the best of both worlds. Cracking into layers of semi-sweet chocolate and crunchy pretzel pieces, topped with more layers of broken sugar cones, milk chocolate M&Ms, chocolate cookie chunks, mini chocolate chips, and rainbow sprinkles is so satisfying.
  1. Spice 94 – Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit
    Sendoso Partner: Seedlip
    Description: A sophisticated spirit, this creative gift presents the office staff with an opportunity to sip mocktail mojitos over their next conference call or virtual meeting. It’s a gift that’s sure to add some positive vibes to the work environment.

Thoughtful Gifts

Show your clients how much you value their business by sending a truly unique and heartfelt gift.

  1. Floral Workshop
    Sendoso Partner: Marco
    Description: Every customer loves to receive a bouquet of flowers, but to make a lasting impression why not take it a step further? When you send this company gift a floral designer will walk clients through creating a floral arrangement. A floral kit and a memorable time are included!
  1. The Perfect Afternoon Box
    Sendoso Partner: Botanical Candle Co.
    Description: Packed inside this stylish corporate gift basket is a combination of luxury items such as Clove & Clementine Soy wax candle and salted caramel blonde chocolate. It’s the little things that can express thanks and make a person feel noticed. This box is perfect for celebrating a birthday or job well done.
  1. Empowered Woman Essentials Box
    Sendoso Partner: Curated for Equality
    Description: For your favorite feminist professionals, this curated gift box supports charitable causes and comes packed with fun office accessories and novelties like coffee mugs, tote bags, stationery, and more all by leading female-owned brands. Clients will love unboxing in front of their coworkers and showing off their new swag on social media.
  1. Congrats! Cardalloon
    Sendoso Partner: cardalloon
    Description: The perfect gift for any special occasion that calls for a celebration! Let your clients know that you’re thinking of them and wishing them well with Cardalloon, the world’s first auto-inflating balloon surprise. It’s truly unexpected, unforgettable, and sure to make a great impression. Customers will love to display your Cardalloon at work!
  1. 12 Cupcakes w/ Logo
    Sendoso Partner: Georgetown Cupcakes
    Description: Show care and appreciation with custom gifts like cupcakes for your best customers. Your company may have a collection of cupcakes customized with a corporate logo or name and include personalized gift notes for recipients located across the country.

Techy Gifts

For the tech guru on your team, try this trending gift box.

  1. Charged Up Tech
    Sendoso Partner: Le Chic Boxx
    Description: Orders for your tech-savvy customers should still have a bit of style and glamor. These gift boxes include: a rose gold Qi wireless charger pad 5W, Ring Orbit phone holder, and McCrea’s Caramels.

Inexpensive Gifts

Not every gift of thanks has to cost $100. Check out these fun and frugal ideas!

  1. Personalized 8 fl oz. Coca Cola
    Sendoso Partner: Coca Cola
    Description: At under $20, these personalized Coca-Cola’s are just the right thing for your next corporate holiday gifts! Custom labels will bring to your valued customer a big smile when they unwrap this fan-favorite beverage gift. Be ready to field questions about where you got them, all your clients will want to steal this genius move.
  1. BBQ Sauce Box
    Sendoso Partner: The Sauce Shop
    Description: Under $30, this appreciation gift is great for any grill master. Spice things up and give your business partners a gift they’ll actually put to good use. It’s perfect for celebrating special occasions or breaking out at a retirement party.
  1. Sweet & Salty Care Package (13 Count)
    Sendoso Partner: Snack Box USA
    During the pandemic, sometimes something as simple as our favorite snacks can really brighten our day. We all need to indulge a little! At under $30 you can send this care package that’s stocked with a treasure trove of snacks such as Pop chips, Rice Krispies, M&Ms cookies, and more!

Gifts for the Home Chef

These culinary gifts make an excellent addition to any customer’s kitchen.

  1. Farmhouse Gourmet Pantry
    Sendoso Partner: Olive & Cocoa
    Description: Forget a restaurant gift card, go all out with this deluxe corporate gift basket for the home chef. The package includes salami, hot pepper, and provolone cheeses, rosemary sea salt crackers, lemon blueberry, and nutberry maple granola, dried fruit and seed trail mix, and much more!
  1. Oyster Shucking
    Sendoso Partner: Marco
    Description: Send a unique business gift unlike any other. Clients will get to join Chef Rifko of Oysters XO for a guided oyster shucking experience. He will answer all your questions about oysters and provide tips for making your own martini, and cocktail sauce. A kit of 36 local oysters, two shucking tools, and other supplies are included.
  1. Sear Genius
    Sendoso Partner: Crowd Cow
    Description: In these COVID times, it’s not always easy or safe to treat clients to a nice dinner out. What are your other options? We’d pick these mouth-watering, sustainably raised, grade A sirloin steaks. This package includes four 8 oz Top Sirloin steaks and is sure to be a hit with the at-home chef on your team this holiday season.

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Help clients “wine” down and relax with these excellent wine-themed gift boxes.

  1. Celebration Box
    Sendoso Partner: The Sip
    Description: For the wine enthusiast who has a reason to celebrate, this is the perfect gift. This gift box highlights 2 amazing sparkling wines and a fun sip shooter.
  1. Virtual Tasting + 8 Pk of Wine
    Sendoso Partner: In Good Taste
    Description: True wine connoisseurs are always striving to improve their palettes. With this unique appreciation gift, you can custom select the wine 8-pack package for your client, who will then also get to participate in a virtual tasting experience.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

For the coffee connoisseur on your client list, try one of these tried-and-true gifts.

  1. Coffee Tasting
    Sendoso Partner: Marco
    Description: Anyone can send a bag of pricey whole bean coffee, but if you want to cut through the noise try this unique twist. In this one-of-a-kind gift experience, the Gnarwhal co-founders will walk you through the basics of brewing a good cup of coffee using whatever brewing equipment you have in the office kitchen. While they’re brewing, they’ll also dive into the history and origins of this sustainable coffee.
  1. The Cup of Joe
    Sendoso Partner: Teak & Twine
    Description: For the coffee fanatic who loves to sample and try new flavors, this gift box will be an absolute delight! Made in the US it includes multiple single servings of unique gourmet coffee flavors, with stylish accessories and a few sweet treats.

With Sendoso’s wide assortment of high-quality corporate gifts making client appreciation memorable has never been easier. Let the Sendso team help you select the perfect gift, contact us for more effective ways to show customer appreciation today!

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