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The Show Must Go On: How Opened New Sales Opportunities with a BANG! (Literally)

Door openers are always a challenge. But when launched a direct mail campaign with Sendoso and a follow up cadence with Outreach, they not only broke into their key accounts but embedded themselves within their prospect’s company culture. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the infamous mini-gong play had the brand ringing out across sales floors far and wide.

The Show Must Go On is a virtual experience bringing together 10+ innovative SaaS leaders to share how their companies are powering their customer lifecycle, filling demand generation gaps and driving customer engagement during this critical time. Enjoy Gong’s inspirational session from this event!

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Russel Banzon

Senior Director of Marketing,

Zackary Alspaugh

Director of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Sendoso

Watch this Webinar and you will learn:

  • Important aspects to consider when running joint campaigns with sales or sales development
  • Door opener strategies for reaching out during a sensitive time
  • How to create a raving fan experience for your prospects and customers