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Fix your sales leads for good with personalization.

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A sales leader’s guide on intelligent sending that fixes your lead problem for good.

Outbound sales is far from dead. Yes, we know Forrester began reporting as early as 2015 that 75% of B2B buyers preferred buying through an app or website rather than a salesperson. But there are ways to ensure a successful outbound strategy in today’s noisy B2B selling environment.

To help you create a winning outbound strategy, we’re sharing tips from the experts on how to:

  • Stand up a successful sales development representative (SDR) team that increases your conversion rates
  • Use our top sending playbook tips for converting leads to opportunities
  • Set up proper lead qualifying tactics through data, helping you optimize your revenue efforts to forecast accurately

In our newest guide, Attention Sales Leaders: Fix Your Lead Problem for Good with Personalization, we’ll walk you through how sending can help your outbound sales efforts. From hitting sales targets by fixing various lead problems to setting up your SDR team for success, we provide real-life examples of time-tested fixes that you can implement into your sales organization today.


Download this guide to learn:

  • 5 easy steps to building a world-class SDR team
  • How to diagnose and fix pipeline gaps that sabotage revenue
  • How to use intelligent sending to meet and exceed SDR goals
  • How companies like LiveRamp, Meta, and Gong use intelligent sending for impressive account-based success
A quick fix usually isn’t a time-tested solution. It’s time to get to the root cause of your sales lead issues. Fix them for good with intelligent sending powered by the world’s leading Sending Management Platform.