Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifting is a proven method for engaging with prospects, clients, customers, and more – and for good reason. Research shows that physical items like corporate gifts are easier for people to understand and more memorable than digital media. 

Many companies use corporate gifting to provoke action from customers as well, since 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately, compared to only 45% who say they deal with email immediately. Chances are, you’ve probably got one or two corporate gifts lying around your desk or office right now. 

But while corporate gifting is effective, to truly make your mark in your recipient’s mind, you’ll need to stand out in the mailbox too. This means having unique corporate gift ideas that will make meaningful and lasting impressions, increase brand awareness, and drive your recipients to take action. 

What Makes a Corporate Gift Idea Unique? 

There are several ways you can differentiate your company’s corporate gifts from your competitors and increase the likelihood of your send providing a meaningful outcome. 

Make It Personalized

Take the time to research your target recipient and try to find a corporate gift that is relevant and practical for their professional or personal lives.

No matter the scale of your corporate gifting outreach, always include a thoughtful handwritten note addressed specifically to every single recipient. Explain why you’re sending your item, what value you hope it will bring, and your plan to continue the conversation. (Need help with writing notes? We’ve got you covered).

Unique One-to-One Corporate Gift Ideas

One-to-one marketing creates relationships with customers via an individualized and personal approach. Thanks to social media like LinkedIn and Twitter, you can tailor experiences for customers based on their interests, behaviors, demographic, and more.

For a one-to-one send, you can really take initiative and get creative with your gift. If your recipient was recently promoted, send them a book for professional development and a congratulatory note requesting a meeting and how your business can help them in their new role. If they’re a big sports fan, send them a hat with their favorite team’s logo and a note about how your businesses would make a “great team.”

Unique One-to-Many Corporate Gift Ideas

One-to-many marketing is a broader approach to outreach. In this strategy, you are targeting groups of customers instead of trying to individualize your communication. 

For a one-to-many send, you can still achieve personalization on a mass scale. Consider which industry your corporate gifts are targeting and imagine what items may be relevant to that industry. Send functional gifts like decorative key chains for real estate agents or branded laptop backpacks for startup employees. If your gift serves a purpose in their daily lives and is repeatedly used, your brand can continuously stay top of mind. 

To up your company’s perceived value, skip the standard brown boxes and manilla envelopes for these corporate gifts. Instead, add to the joy that 83% of consumers feel when receiving packages by making your packaging exciting to open. Remember, anything with your logo on it is a direct representation of your company, so even the tiniest of details can make a huge impression! Plus, you’ll want to be known as a company that goes the extra mile and is thoughtful rather than one who will spray-and-pray mass impersonal gifts solely to get on a company’s radar.

Make It Actionable

An essential component of corporate gifting is defining a goal this gift can help you achieve. Are you sending a top-of-funnel gift for increasing brand awareness, a middle-of-funnel gift to encourage engagement, or a bottle-of-funnel gift for accelerating pipeline? Establish a gifting strategy by thinking about where your recipient falls in the sales cycle, and how you can receive the most ROI from this send. What call-to-action will make your gift worthy of the time and effort it took to send it? 

A successful unique corporate gift should be able to provoke a response. Strive to make your recipient interact with the gift in some way as a part of their call-to-action. Whether they’ve got to assemble a gingerbread house, redeem a code on your website, or share cupcakes with coworkers, create an experience with your send. These experiences will be much more memorable than sending a coffee mug or branded pen. 

Best Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

While we can’t promise you that your corporate gift will be the only thing waiting in your recipient’s mailbox, we do promise that our recommendations for unique corporate gift ideas will surely surprise and delight your recipients: 

    • A branded hydro-flask water bottle for gym enthusiasts
    • A branded coffee kit to be shared with their entire office
    • A mini terrarium and care-kit that serves as a great conversation starter  
    • A desk punching bag for midday stress relief with a note saying, “We fight for our customers!”  
    • A desk succulent celebrating new growth for your customers  
    • A “movie night” bundle consisting of a Netflix gift card and microwave popcorn
    • Personalized luggage tags for frequent travelers
    • A tug toy or frisbee for someone’s furry friends
    • Branded socks and note saying how your companies make a “great pair.” 
    • A puzzle that can be assembled by their whole team along with a note requesting a meeting on how your companies can “fit together.”

(Hint: With Sendoso’s Amazon integration, you can send practically any unique corporate gift idea you can imagine!) 

You also don’t have to spend a fortune on corporate gifting success. If your company does have the luxury of a more flexible budget though, consider sending a one-to-one gift that will really get your recipient talking like a VR headset, a one-year membership to Spotify premium, or a custom painting of a LinkedIn Photo! 

Your Unique Corporate Gifting Strategy

 So once you settle on some unique corporate gift ideas, source the items, and pick your packaging, all you’ve got to do is ship your gifts (or if you’re using a Sending Platform, click send), right?


Two crucial steps in corporate gifting that are often overlooked are thinking through your gifting timeline and establishing a follow-up plan. You don’t want your gift to arrive at an inconvenient time for the recipient (during the holiday rush, while they’re out of town, etc.), so it’s your responsibility to put your gifting plan in motion well before you’d like your gift to be opened. At Sendoso, we recommend giving yourself at least six weeks for a fool-proof delivery. 

Following up is also extremely timely because you don’t want to lose the opportunity to build an emotional connection with the recipient. Plus, it’d be a waste for your hard work to go down the drain because you either didn’t create multiple touchpoints or you followed-up too much and your gift came across as a pushy sales tactic. Give your recipient one or two days after delivery before reaching out to see if they received it, and include another call-to-action in that outreach. Then, limit your correspondence to at most once a week after that. 

 All in all, unique corporate gift ideas can be included in a combination of well-timed, attention-grabbing emails, continuous outreach (at Sendoso we call these “touches”), and ongoing communication to move customers and prospects through the sales cycle.

Need even more gifting ideas? Check out our ebook below for dozens more! 

Happy sending! 

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