New Integration: SalesLoft + Sendoso

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Send direct mail and gifts directly inside of SalesLoft with the new Sendoso + SalesLoft integration.

Shipping Gifts and Swag Internationally

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Sendoso offers warehousing across in the USA (Union City, Las Vegas, Louisville), in Canada (Montreal), and in Europe (London). There are many benefits from shipping intra-country and intra-Europe.

[Podcast] The Sales Acceleration Show with Gabe Larsen and Braydan Young

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In this episode, Braydan Young, VP Sales of Sendoso at Sendoso talks with Gabe Larsen, Director of Sales Strategy at about the idea of gifting and what companies should be thinking about to run this play successfully in an account-based sales approach.

The Complete Guide to Online + Offline B2B Marketing and Sales

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This guide covers five actionable online and offline sales and marketing strategies to help you build more integrated digital + physical campaigns. Read about industry statistics and playbook ideas that you can implement right away to increase response rates and drive more conversions.

5 Critical Components of Customer Engagement Needed to Fill your B2B Sales Pipeline

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An effective customer engagement approach provides a sure-fire way to foster brand loyalty and growth. A good strategy leverages the power of various aspects, including laser targeted customer profiles, automated social media marketing and more. These measures complement basic approaches, such as creating great content and providing exceptional customer support.

Everything you need to know about Direct Mail & Account Based Marketing

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How to effectively use direct mail in today’s digital world and drive more engagement in target accounts to drive better ABM results.

10 Reasons to Include eGifts and Direct Mail in your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

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Are you thinking about incorporating eGifts and/or direct mail into your 2017 account-based marketing initiatives? This list will give you some ammunition and reasons to pull the trigger and get started today.

7 Engagio PlayMaker "Plays"

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Engagio's PlayMaker and Account-Based Everything platform enables teams to orchestrate human connections at scale. When you're creating an account based marketing framework and putting together your ABM target account plans, it important to put together your entire engagement strategy. Listed below are 7 different ideas for ways to use Sendoso within Engagio.

2017 Account Based Marketing & Sales Conferences

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Here's a list of the top Account-Based Marketing events of 2017. These conferences, tradeshows, and summit are all sales and marketing focused. If you're looking to network with other ABM experts then these are must-attend conferences. Sendoso will be attending and/or sponsoring these events so see you there! Email us ...