How Can Direct Mail Influence Consumer Behavior?

Psychology of Marketing, better known as consumer behavior, includes how consumers think, feel, and reason between different alternatives. Consumer behavior can be influenced by 4 common factors and let’s see how Direct Mail can play a role.


Spring Cleaning Your ABM Programs

It’s deep into Spring Time, and it’s time to check into your ABM Program, and maybe give it that Spring Cleaning Refresh it needs. Let’s take a look at the 5 pillars that make up ABM and make sure you are on track:


They're All On It: 5 Departments Using Sendoso

When talking to our 150 customers, it becomes clear that there is no ONE correct way to do direct mail. We have customers using direct mail for varied audiences, for different goals, and most obvious, companies are using Sendoso in different departments. Sales Development: Whether you call them your SDRs, ...


Outreach Unleash: Recap From Sendoso in Sunny San Diego

Last week, the Sendoso team was in sunny San Diego for Outreach’s annual conference, Unleash 18. Here are some highlights.

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