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WEBINAR: August 19, 2021 | 10am pDT

The Sendoso Sendies

Join us Aug 19th at 10am PT for a celebration of the 2021 Sendie Award winners. Meet the champions, the disruptors, and the fire-starters from each company as they showcase their award-winning campaigns! In this 60 minute live event we will:

  • Introduce the winners and their awards
  • Dig into each award-winning campaign
  • Host a live Q&A

Check out the winners below to get a glimpse into what to expect during this momentous event!

Come Celebrate & Learn!

The Bold Pivoter

Aaron Nicholas

Integrated Campaigns Manager

Kim Walker

Senior Regional Marketing Associate

Miru Natarajan

Senior Marketing Manager


Zendesk needed to engage top accounts and open opportunities at the start of the quarter to showcase the Zendesk brand and stand out from the competition. With everyone working from home, they decided to pivot to a more personalized experience.


The team created a custom bundle with a Movie Night Kit which included a Zendesk branded blanket. They leveraged Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature to enable contacts to opt-in to receive the Movie Night Kit. Contacts who responded were sent an Amazon eGift card for the movie rental which was sent via Eloqua.





QoQ increase in new business pipe generation attributed to direct mail

The Sending Trailblazer

Laura Vitaro

Senior Manager, Account Based Marketing


Gong needed a way to capture the attention of key decision makers at top upmarket accounts.


Laura sent pinatagrams as a creative door opener campaign. They leveraged pinatagrams because of the speed and accessibility of Sendoso Direct options as well as the stand out creativity of having a pinata arrive at your door unboxed.


Laura saw a 14+% conversion rate in her target segments. One Enterprise SDR booked 40% of the pinatas she sent. Overall, the broader pinata sending program has sourced $5.5M in pipeline and influenced nearly $33M in pipeline.

The Rising Star

Delaney Kutsal

Senior Demand Generation Manager


To accelerate InCloudCounsel’s hypergrowth by securing meetings with prospects and re-engaging inactive customers.


Delaney created multiple eGifting touchpoints for lunch & learns and sent umbrella kits that were custom designed to surprise and delight prospects and customers. She definitely “made it rain”!


In under 6 months, Delaney has run more than 17 different Sendoso campaigns and has exceeded hundreds of sends leading to 131 total opportunities influenced. 

The Conductor: Best Overall Sending Strategy

Colleen Jackson

Account-Based Marketing Manager


Anaplan uses direct mail, gifting, and branded swag in their one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many ABM campaigns. Sendoso enables their team to create new pipeline opportunities, increase deal velocity, and drive revenue.


Colleen launched an ABM holiday campaign. They worked directly with Sendoso’s project management team to source items for the bundle: holiday card treat, sweet treat, latest high-value content, and a handwritten note. The team used Marketo to email over 800 executives with an option to opt-in by confirming their mailing address. When confirmed, it automatically triggered the bundle.



response rate


in influenced pipeline


in recognized revenue

The Digital Excellence

Tim Davidson

Paid Media, Account Director


Directive needed to create campaigns to attract its target audience and move them into action.


The campaign begins with LinkedIn conversation ads that delivered a personalized, interactive experience by offering a $100 UberEats eGift card (via Sendoso) after an introductory call. The following quarter Directive expanded the $100 eGift card offer to Facebook and Instagram using Clearbit X.


Within two months, Directive saw a cost per SQL far lower than any other channel. Overall, the campaign resulted in a 1319% ROI, 517% increase in opportunities and a 44% decrease in cost per opportunities.

The Out of the Box Sender

Katie Downey

Marketing Manager


Samsara needed to stand out from the competition, and find a way to revive hundreds of accounts that had previously gone cold.


The “Let’s meat” campaign is centered around a low-cost send—a bag of beef jerky—presented in high end, eye-catching Samsara-branded packaging with a message that reads, “Open for a treat inside.”


With Sendoso, Samsara was able to capture prospect attention with unique, personalized gifts and a sending program that has the ability to scale. With over 500 sends, Katie increased 250% Quarter-over-Quarter in pipeline sourced.

The Memorable Experience

Hannah Sierra

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

Lauren Wilcox

Senior Manager, Field Marketing


ForgeRock needed a sophisticated and unexpected way to virtually engage with C-level prospects at large enterprise companies


Built 16+ regional virtual wine tasting experience events and sent prospects kits through In Good Taste.


Through Sendoso, ForgeRock was able to run unique, personalized campaigns at scale, increasing meetings-set rate while seeing a 20% increase to pipeline influence.