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Direct mail drives 3000% ROI in pipeline for Uberflip

Uberflip utilized Sendoso direct mail automation to streamline efforts and unify messaging.

With Uberflip Account Based Marketing Manager,

Heidi Vandermeer


Uberflip needed to integrate a direct mail component to its ABM marketing strategy while streamlining messaging among teams.


A successful direct mail campaign bridged the gap in communication between Uberflip teams. It also inspired more than two dozen Uberflip teams to incorporate Sendoso as an easy-to-use and efficient tool to increase engagement.


net new opportunities


ROI on pipeline value

over 200%

return on closed revenue

Prospects love the experience of receiving something physical in the mail. It feels like a gift to them—especially when it’s a relevant and well-timed mailing.

Uberflip is a digital content experience platform for marketers to create, manage and optimize content experiences. Sendoso helped Uberflip bridge the gap in communication between its teams and clients. It also helped streamline work to create cohesive campaigns.

Streamlining account-based marketing success

The company uses an account-based marketing strategy (ABM) to attract and convert target accounts into pipeline and revenue.  

Uberflip utilized direct mail as a component of its integrated, multichannel marketing programs.  The marketing team directed the campaigns while the sales team managed follow-up efforts.

Workers found it difficult to track results due to a disjointed distribution of work. The marketing team would create and carry out a campaign. They then rely on the sales team to complete the campaign communication. As a result, buyers would often receive mixed messaging. 

Uberflip needed a way to eliminate gaps in communication amongst its team.  Leaders also wanted to improve overall campaign engagement and to create a better process to target personas and one-to-one prospects. 

Sendoso created a solution to all of these issues. Plus, Sendoso’s direct mail automation helped track delivery and follow-up efforts. 

Open Box

Eye-catching sends spark interest

Uberflip identified three key personas to target as part of its “Netflix and Chill” campaign. 

Sendoso mailed a demo offer to recipients along with a Netflix gift card encompassed in a bright, hot pink box. Then Sendoso helped compile results from the direct mail campaign making it easy for leaders to interpret the data.

Specifically, Uberflip ABM Marketer Heidi Vandermeer was able to track follow-up campaign communication via SalesLoft. She used this information to create targeted ads in digital content-based campaigns on the marketing side.

The information aligned the marketing and sales messaging eliminating fears of mixed communication. In addition, the Uberflip campaign data helped integrate content marketing, demand generation, and ABM efforts. Vandermeer was also able to scale the campaign for 500 accounts.

Additional perks of integrating Sendoso

The results were huge for Uberflip. 

They generated 60 meetings and 40 net new opportunities after the “Netflix and Chill” campaign. That translated to more than 3000% ROI in pipeline value. 

The company also experienced more than 200% in closed revenue.  

Overall, Sendoso’s ease of use created an easier and more efficient way to carry out Uberflip’s direct mail campaigns.

As a bonus, by utilizing Sendoso via SalesLoft, the company reduced the workload for its teams. Leaders were able to cut the time it takes to execute direct mail campaigns in half. The new, unified approach also ensured the buyers’ journey was consistent from start to finish.

The campaign earned Vandermeer the “Best ABM Campaign at Scale” award at the FlipMyFunnel’s annual awards.

Sendoso is now used by 25 teams across Uberflip including AEs, BDRs, Customer Success, Customer Marketing, Customer Coach, and ABM.

Start sending, start connecting, start driving revenue.