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Customer Story corporate gifts drive $130 in pipeline per $1 spent

Sendoso helped implement a direct mail strategy to hold onto meetings and generate new revenue.

With Senior Director, Demand Generation,

Sara Nelson


increase in meetings booked-to-held rate QoQ


generated in pipeline for every $1 spent 


ROI across all direct mail campaigns

If you are not sending direct mail and need a way to get in front of people in a thoughtful and personal way, Sendoso is the platform for you.

When the sales and marketing teams at saw the lofty goals their ATL decision-makers set for them in 2019, they knew they needed Sendoso., an IT infrastructure platform that specializes in UX and automation, needed to strengthen relationships with clients and drive pipeline acceleration. Plus, they wanted to develop a proactive plan to prevent skipped and canceled meetings.

The exec team took a look at the forecasts and set the benchmark high. They wanted to triple revenue growth that year.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of that kind of C-suite directive knows they had better get to work strategizing, and fast.

Sendoso to the rescue

Sara Nelson, senior director of demand generation, knew just where to go. Nelson already experienced success utilizing Sendoso with a former employer — twice. She knew that with its easy ability to send relationship-building touches, Sendoso would be the perfect solution to facilitate’s plan. 

They started with the basics and crafted a comprehensive marketing plan. It incorporated a direct mail strategy designed to protect scheduled meetings and make deeper connections. 

Sendoso was the tool to turn to drive their strategy and hit revenue growth targets.

Direct mail to drive interest

Direct mail marketing is a great way to get your materials into the hands of the target clients. It’s measurable, it’s trackable, and it’s customizable. Teams that have high KPI standards know they need quantifiable results-based metrics to show their CEO at the end of the day.

For, they needed a two-pronged approach to direct mail that would help them reach their goals: automation to keep processes simple, and metrics to measure campaign lift. Coffee Cup

With those goals in sight, the marketing team leveraged both the Sendoso and Tray platforms. They created a simple, automated workflow designed to dramatically increase the conversion rate of meetings booked to meetings held. 

Reps started with a simple $5 coffee eGift through Sendoso’s sending platform. They personalized it from the demand generation team. These easy sends were designed to drive interest with clients. It worked. Once meetings were scheduled, set automated reminder emails at regular intervals.

Simple sends with measurable results

Real-time results for were tracked immediately and already impressive. saw a 115% increase in their meetings booked-to-held rate quarter-over-quarter after their first Sendoso campaign.

Those simple, personalized sends with Sendoso helped’s sales and marketing teams build client relationships. It also improved their ROI in a big way. Their new direct mail strategy, combined with meeting retention efforts, delivered an 840% ROI across all Sendoso campaigns in 2019. For every dollar spent by demand generation, another $130 was generated in direct pipeline for

No sweat integration across sales tools

Fortunately for a UX company like, and a highly-customizable platform like Sendoso, integration was a snap. The team integrated a winning combination by using Sendoso’s sending platform with Chili Piper for scheduling and Outreach for sales engagement

Start sending, connecting, and driving revenue