Customer Story Increased their Meetings Booked-to-Held Rate by 115% offers a cloud-based general automation platform for citizen automators.

With Senior Director, Demand Generation,

Sarah Nelson


increase in meetings booked-to-held rate


generated in pipeline for every $1 spent 


ROI across all direct mail sends offers a cloud-based general automation platform for citizen automators.

Challenge was looking for a sending platform that could enable the sales team to send relationship-building touches to help drive pipeline acceleration and revenue to hit their 3X revenue growth in 2019.

Sarah Nelson, the sr. director of demand generation and a two-time Sendoso user, knew it would be essential to incorporate direct mail in her comprehensive marketing plan and integrate into their demand generation team’s systems so they could measure the lift of their offline campaigns.


Heading into Q4 2019, the marketing team leveraged both the Sendoso and Tray platforms to create an automated workflow to increase the conversion rate of meetings booked to meetings held (“meetings booked-to-held” rate). This particular workflow leveraged Sendoso, Chili Piper, and Outreach and incorporated a $5 coffee eGift card along with automated meeting reminder emails one day and one hour before the meeting.


The Sendoso platform enabled the sales team with something they can send and personalize in minutes. Every $1 spent on eGift cards has influenced $130 in pipeline for That automated workflow improved their meetings booked-to-held rate by 115% quarter over quarter. Overall, saw an 840% ROI across all Sendoso campaigns in 2019.

If you are not sending direct mail and need a way to get in front of people in a thoughtful and personal way, Sendoso is the platform for you.

Sarah Nelson

With Senior Director, Demand Generation

Start sending, start connecting, start driving revenue.

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