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Snowflake Increased Meeting Show Rates by 98%

How Snowflake uses Sendoso within its ABM programs to accelerate meeting attendance and drive more opportunities.

With Snowflake Manager of ABM

Hermi Ruiz


Gaining the attention of decision-makers (online and offline) to accelerate meeting rates and drive more opportunities.


Leveraging Sendoso, the team increases meeting show rates and personalizes ABM outreach to engage with accounts that have traditionally been challenging to reach.


increase in meeting show rates


meeting-to-opportunity conversion

Snowflake is a cloud data platform on a mission to mobilize the world’s data.


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“We're able to easily report our spend and measure ROI.”

Founded in 2012, Snowflake is a cloud-based data platform. ABM Manager Hermi Ruiz is focused on driving full-funnel account-based programs in territories across the US, central Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. She’s closely aligned with the sales organization and empowers them to create personalization plays that drive meetings and engagement.

Before partnering with Sendoso, Snowflake handled all of its direct mail in-house, but manually sourcing, storing, ordering, and tracking items made it difficult to scale and measure success. “Being able to leverage a platform like Sendoso allows us to not have to worry about the logistics of sending, but also the tracking. Now we’re able to easily report our spend and measure ROI,” said Hermi.

Today, Sendoso sits alongside Snowflake’s digital ABM tactics including targeted display advertising, Linkedin sponsored content, direct email signatures, and SDR engagement. They also integrate Sendoso with Salesforce and Amazon, giving sales the ability to send a variety of items and one-to-one personalized gifts directly from the CRM they’re already working in. The integrations enable reps to easily see when items are delivered, enabling timely follow-ups.

“A more human element sales can use.”

When stay-at-home orders were mandated and in-person business travel was canceled, Hermi and her team worked quickly to build a beta campaign. Their goal was to make personal connections with prospects while being empathetic to the hardships they were facing. And because every Snowflake sales team carries unique goals, Hermi wanted to ensure the campaign would help teams reach their objectives while also optimizing their strategy and ROI in the new selling landscape.


The ABM team is closely aligned with their sales teams to support every sales territory. Together, they built what they call a “Swag Menu” in Sendoso that included a variety of eGift cards, branded swag, and Sendoso Direct items so that their sales reps could autonomously send from Salesforce. The menu empowered reps to get creative in their outreach and allowed flexibility for prospecting a wide variety of leads across territories and industries. Because no one knows an account better than its owner, this approach also makes it easier for sales reps to deliver one-to-one personalized sends ad hoc within their sales cadences (and directly from the CRM they’re already working in).


To launch the program, the ABM and sales operations team created an engagement model to help sales identify high-value accounts to target. The ABM and sales teams collaborated to enable a test group of SDRs, AEs, and inside sales reps to leverage touches like lunch and coffee eGifts to show support for local restaurants and businesses. They also used Address Confirmation to send branded swag and Sendoso Direct items like baked goods.


As a result, the reps increased meeting show rates by 98% and of those, 50% have converted into active opportunities.

While most businesses are working remotely, we still wanted a more human element sales can use in their messaging to prospects and customers.

Cutting through virtual event noise

Snowflake’s field marketing team is executing account-based events via Sendoso by sending kits from In Good Taste Wines, which Hermi says have been successful. “The feedback from our customers and salespeople has been incredible. We’ve been able to strengthen relationships with our customers and meet the broader team in a fun setting while most people are still working from home.”

These events help to continue to build new relationships with their customers and maintain personal connections in an otherwise virtual world. “We like being able to customize and not just to the person with the message, but also by adding unique, creative touchpoints,” said Hermi.

Using Bombora and Engagio to maximize sending ROI

Bombora’s intent data topics and Engagio’s account marketing engagement tools permit the team to determine the best stakeholders within accounts and maximize ROI on their sends. “We’ve segmented out their account list, we worked with our sales operations team, and created an engagement model to really help our sales team identify high-value accounts. Using Bombora and Engagio, they’re able to quickly identify who those top engaged people are and target them that way.”

“Everyone at Snowflake wants Sendoso access.”

The beta initiative allowed Snowflake’s teams to determine the best outreach strategy for their departments and goals. Here are the insights the teams learned:

  • SDR follow-up became programmatic, incorporating direct mail.
  • Event follow-up was automated, and tracking ROI became more efficient.
  • The community manager team leveraged direct mail to create advocates for their programs.

When we asked Hermi what benefits she’s seen since implementation she replied, “Sendoso can help us leverage different channels to be able to get into those meetings that traditionally we haven’t been able to break through. Adoption and word of mouth has spread like crazy—everyone at Snowflake wants Sendoso access!”

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Meeting Show Rate Increase


Meeting-to-Opportunity Conversion


Sendoso can help us leverage different channels to be able to get into those meetings that traditionally we haven’t been able to break through. Adoption and word of mouth has spread like crazy—everyone at Snowflake wants Sendoso access!

Hermi Ruiz

Snowflake Manager of ABM

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