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One campaign yielded $15 in revenue per $1 spent

How Siteimprove drove results with relevant offline and online touchpoints in their demand gen and ABM programs.

With Siteimprove Account-Based Marketing Manager,

Jessica Pate


As Siteimprove expanded into the enterprise market, they needed a personalized strategy to engage prospects and stand out from competitors.


By deploying a variety of Sendoso campaigns—from high-value gifts to educational leaflets to eGift cards—Siteimprove generated demand, accelerated meetings, and drove revenue.


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one campaign’s ROI

Siteimprove allows companies to optimize their website’s SEO, accessibility, analytics, privacy compliance and more on a single platform.


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Building demand with the enterprise market

Founded in 2003, Siteimprove is a website governance platform driven by the desire to simplify website management and make the internet a better place. Over the past few years, their team has been building off of its strength in the mid-market and public sectors to expand into the enterprise market. The company brought on Jessica Pate as an account-based marketing manager in 2018 to implement an ABM strategy with enterprise accounts, including direct mail.

At first, Jessica manually managed direct mail but soon started researching Sending Platforms to expand their sending capabilities, automate campaigns, and scale processes.

We initially chose Sendoso over another company because of the sales experience with Kris Rudeegraap [CEO] and Ken Malave [enterprise sales rep]. That awesome experience has since translated to the results we’re seeing from Sendoso.

For Jessica, Sendoso offered three key differentiators that made it the perfect choice for Siteimprove. First was Sendoso’s list of integrations, including Outreach and Salesforce, which Siteimprove had recently migrated to. She explains, “Having those integrations has been amazing. I don’t know how we were executing sends before them.”

A simple, intuitive user interface is also critical for a Sending Platform, according to Jessica. “It’s nice knowing that if I create a campaign for our marketing development reps [MDRs], they will rarely come back with questions about how to make the send.”

Lastly, Sendoso is a scalable Sending Platform, unlike direct mail vendors that serve more as swag warehouses. “We like Sendoso because it’s not a fulfillment center—it’s a SaaS platform,” said Jessica. “So we’re getting the super granular analytics from the Salesforce integration to track direct attribution and campaign influence.”

A demand generation touchdown

Siteimprove has found most success using Sendoso for demand generation. To drive awareness and interest with targeted accounts they send follow-up packages to prospects who have engaged with their email campaigns.

Sendoso has helped our MDR team drastically by giving them a way to get in touch with someone other than just email, which doesn’t always allow us a foot in the door.

One of their major Sendoso campaigns was Super Bowl themed. The Siteimprove team created a “Marketer’s Playbook” designed to look like a football playbook, featuring Siteimprove experts discussing topics like SEO, accessibility, and paid search. To accompany the playbook, they sent a Wilson football—the same brand used in the NFL. The bundle included a handwritten note that said, “Are you making the right plays for 2020? Use our playbook to help execute your marketing initiatives”

Jessica used lead scoring criteria to identify about 50 engaged prospects to receive this high-value gift. As a result, they drove $15 in revenue for every one dollar spent on the campaign.

Decoding successful educational outreach

The Siteimprove team also created Sendoso demand generation campaigns, including interactive “decoder glasses” that revealed a hidden message on a leaflet when worn. The message included information about how websites should provide a great user experience for people with disabilities. The backside covered Siteimprove’s value props and a link to learn more.

Front side: “Gain visibility into your users’ website experience.”

Back side: “Are your website visitors experiencing the journey you intend? Optimize your users’ experience today with an all-in-one solution. Learn how you can get started with Siteimprove.”

Siteimprove saw a 13% Address Confirmation response rate and a 7% meeting rate from this campaign. “A lot of our inbound team’s success has been sending these low-cost items that take prospects from offline to online,” said Jessica. “It’s a nice way to get the conversation started with people who are engaged but hadn’t booked a meeting.”

Having these unique touchpoints has been a win for the Siteimprove sales team, which helps Jessica continue to get buy-in from leadership on her direct mail strategy.

Demand generation is where we’ve had the most success with Sendoso, whether it’s a high-value piece like the football or an educational campaign like a pamphlet that brings prospects to our website.

Pivoting during COVID-19

At the start of the pandemic, the Siteimprove team used Sendoso to send eGift cards focused on getting sales meetings back on the calendar, prioritizing accounts that went dark. They also targeted prospects that were uncertain of purchasing during the pandemic to encourage them to consider Siteimprove once the dust settled.

Her team saw a 65% open rate for those eGift emails, and so far they’ve secured meetings with valuable accounts. Jessica has also used Sendoso’s new Address Confirmation feature, which she says, “has really helped sales reps send physical gifts to the correct addresses as people transitioned to remote work.”

15X ROI from a single campaign

Whether it’s a high-touch Super Bowl gift, an intriguing educational pamphlet or a simple eGift, Jessica knows that the key to a successful demand generation campaign is cutting through the online clutter with personalized outreach.

“ABM and marketing in general all come down to a personalized user experience,” said Jessica. “Sendoso has helped us generate unique prospecting touchpoints and separate ourselves from our competition.”

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Demand generation is where we’ve had the most success with Sendoso, whether it’s a high-value piece like the football or an educational campaign like a pamphlet that brings prospects to our website.

Jessica Pate

Account-Based Marketing Manager

Learn how, like Siteimprove, you can use Sendoso to generate demand and stand out from competitors.

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