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Supporting High Volume

How Signpost’s sales and marketing teams use Sendoso while tracking their
campaign success by leveraging the Salesforce integration.

Signpost is a smart CRM.

They help local businesses know, grow and strengthen their customer relationships.  They have 100+ sales representatives throughout the United States.

The Challenge

With a large and geographically dispersed Sales team across three major cities, it was imperative that Signpost
had direct mail and eGift campaigns integrated with Marketo. Given the scale necessary to send mailers and
support sales staff, in-house direct mail initiatives were not an option.

The Results

After partnering with Sendoso, Signpost was able to support their inside sales team and scale a large volume of
direct mail sends. Signpost marketing teams support four different sales channels so they needed rep autonomy
while still staying on budget. SMB teams send $5 gift cards to folks who schedule a demo, while enterprise teams
leverage Sendoso’s integration with Amazon, sending prospects personalized gifts. Signpost tracks their
campaign success by leveraging the Salesforce integration through the Sendoso platform.

“Sendoso is an effective tool for our very large and geographically dispersed sales team. Their frictionless platform empowers our marketing team, ultimately increasing our funnel conversion rates and driving incremental revenue.”

Andrea Kayal - CMO - Signpost

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