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Why Radius now uses Sendoso throughout every single stage of the customer journey, from creating the initial meeting to closing a deal and beyond.


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Radius is the leader in connecting B2B data and intelligence.

They provide unlimited access to the largest and most accurate B2B data set to help customers reach their best prospects on every channel.

The Challenge

Radius has always understood the power of direct mail for reaching out to new prospects and engaging customers. But they executed all initiatives in-house — that includes personalization for every single package sent. Sourcing all of the different elements (packaging, contents, notes and more) was incredibly time-consuming. It also didn’t allow their Sales team the autonomy to send mailers in the natural cadence of their sales cycles.

Radius was already sending out more than 500 mailers each quarter, and they could see the limits of their ability to scale the direct mail program as their company and Sales team grew. They also wanted to empower a sales team of 25+ reps to manage their own budget and send mailers on demand in their own time, all directly through their Salesforce instance. With big volumes of sends and gifts, it was essential to find a solution for sourcing, sending and tracking items for their custom mailers.

25 Radius Team Members

Using Sendoso across Marketing, AEs, and SDRs.

The Results

Radius now uses Sendoso throughout every single stage of the customer journey, from creating the initial meeting to closing the deal and beyond.

The platform allows Radius to scale their direct mail initiatives and continue to send out large volumes of gifts. Adopted by both Account Executives and Business Development Representatives alike, Sendoso is especially helpful because of its direct integration into the Radius Salesforce instance. All a team member has to do is click on Sendoso, view their available direct mail options and budget, fill in text for a handwritten note, and hit “send.”

Radius has partnered closely with their Sendoso Customer Success Manager and Creative Project Manager to design complex, personalized mail kits and create an operationalized system of direct mail.

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Salesforce, Marketo, SalesHood, and Yesware

“Sendoso has taken a lot of the heavy lifting off of me when it comes to direct mail. I simply set up at the ‘touches’ & assign Sales their own budgets at the start of each quarter. This has allowed our Sales teams to send mailers when it makes sense in the sales cycle!”

Angelina Elhassan - Marketing Senior Manager - Radius

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