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How Logi Anaytics sends directly from Salesforce while Sendoso automatically syncs to a campaign with status updates like shipping date, tracking info, and delivery date. 

Logi Analytics is the leading development platform for embedded analytics.

In looking for ways to use their time more wisely, the marketing team at Logi Analytics realized that sending direct mail could be a tedious tasks. Since the process to send out large scale campaigns requires a lot of time and steps, there are a lot of places it could go wrong.

The Challenge

Prior to Sendoso, whenever someone at Logi Analytics wanted to send out direct mail, swag or gifts, they had to go to the swag store website, log into the account, add items to the cart, proceed to checkout, type in the billing address, open Salesforce, find the contact record, scroll down to the address, copy/paste each line into the shipping address, and finally place order. If this sounds like too many steps, it’s because it is.

The Results

Enter Sendoso. Using Sendoso’s integration with Salesforce, the team at Logi Analytics never had to leave Salesforce in order to send items. To make things even better, each individual send was automatically synced to a Salesforce Campaign that gave vital status updates, such as date shipped, tracking info, and date delivered. In a matter of moments, an arduous ten-step process became as easy as a few clicks.

“If you’ve ever purchased something online, you know logging into your account and adding billing and shipping addresses is not difficult. But it does take time. And this process in particular was more time consuming than it needed to be and took two to three times longer than we wanted. Sendoso simplified the process in a way that has saved a tremendous amount of time for our marketing team.”

Jenna Ward - Marketing Coordinator - Logi Analytics

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