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22% Increase in New Revenue

Lingo Live used Sendoso to track the effectiveness of their campaign over time and found that personalized notes increased responses dramatically.


Increase in new opportunities created


Increase in closed won opportunities


Increase in closed revenue from new opps

Lingo Live is an online coaching experience.

It’s designed to help engineers and tech professionals improve their English language and communication skills.

The Challenge

Direct mail is a big part of Lingo Live’s marketing strategy, but sending out personalized notes and direct mailers was simply too much for their dedicated, but small marketing department.

The Lingo Live sales department initially used another vendor, but had issues with customer support and were unable to determine exactly how effective their direct mail campaigns were. The marketing team had some great ideas for direct mailers but needed help developing, organizing, and delivering on those ideas.

The Results

After partnering up with Sendoso, Lingo Live began their broadest direct mail campaign ever. The marketing team was able to put together a direct mail send that explained their company and their mission in a fun way.

Using Sendoso, they were able to track the effectiveness of this campaign over time and found that personalized notes increased responses dramatically. After that, Lingo Live began using Sendoso’s personalized note service and had their most successful direct mail campaign yet.

“We have realized as a company that direct mail has a higher response rate than any other marketing effort. The campaigns we’ve been running with Sendoso are very popular with sales team, and reps are asking if they can send using Sendoso more often. We love the personal touch of the hand written notes, and we love how effective direct mail sends are.”

Natalya Krimgold - Marketing - Lingo Live

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