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Generating Over $4M in Influenced Pipeline

How FireMon partnered with Sendoso to surpass their ROI goal by 570%

With FireMon Marketing Programs Specialist,

Zoey Morck


FireMon needed a way to connect with prospects and drive demand after in-person events were cancelled.


By creating unique virtual events and leveraging Sendoso across a wide range of use cases, FireMon was able to turn prospects into pipeline.


Net new pipeline generated from one event series


Influenced pipeline from one event series

FireMon is an agile network security policy platform that saves companies time and money by automating security policy processes.


Dallas, TX and Overland Park, KS



Company Size

200-300 employees




Generating opportunities by sending direct mail

Founded in 2004, FireMon helps cybersecurity teams automate their security policy processes. The company targets security professionals — from CISOs and directors to network engineers and security architects across healthcare, finance, energy and other industries where compliance is a priority.

Marketing Programs Specialist Zoey Morck joined FireMon in 2017 and now leads customer marketing, events, and internal marketing operations. Her team decided to partner with Sendoso since one of her colleagues had seen Sendoso’s value in a previous role. They launched Sendoso in early 2020, and direct mail became a key part of their opportunity generation strategy. Today, FireMon uses Sendoso across field marketing, business development, demand generation, and channel marketing.

Sweetening deals with sweet treats

On the field marketing side, the team launched an always-on Account-Based Everything (ABX) campaign to qualify leads at their target accounts. Each week, field marketers identify a low-performing territory and send roughly 800 Cravory cookie packages to contacts at target ABX accounts, using intent data through 6sense.

Using Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature, the field marketing team is able to ensure that the packages are delivered to wherever their prospects are currently working. During a six week period in Q4 2020, the campaign generated 39 new meetings and influenced a $150K closed-won opportunity.

“This was really notable because our average sales cycle is 6 months with bigger deals taking longer to close,” Zoey says. The cookie campaign continues to drive results as an ongoing campaign they repeat each week.

The cookie sends are super effective at opportunity generation, which is always our biggest focus. It’s a low-effort campaign that produces a lot of very real sales opportunities.

Raising a glass to ROI

When in-person events were cancelled, Zoey’s team brainstormed new ways to connect with prospects and generate demand. In June, they launched Sips & Security, a series of virtual cocktail classes targeting high-value security professionals at established companies.

To drive attendance, the BDR team sent personalized, 1:1 messages to qualified ABX targets via email, LinkedIn, and phone. Because this was such a unique event idea, they saw a 57% conversion rate from registrant to attendee — higher than any other event Zoey had managed on at FireMon.

Once a prospect registered, Zoey used Sendoso to send a Crafted Taste cocktail kit, which included a bottle of bourbon and ingredients to make an old fashioned cocktail. The one-hour event, hosted by professional mixologist and A Bar Above co-founder Chris Tunstall, provided attendees with a quick overview of FireMon but primarily served as a fun gathering with cocktails and trivia. “We encouraged everyone to turn their cameras on and pretend they were in their favorite bar,” said Zoey.

Afterward, the BDR team quickly followed up with personalized emails and eGift cards saying “Next round is on us!” to schedule follow-up meetings and share more about FireMon. The results are worth celebrating. The Sips & Security series drove a whopping $1.8M in net new pipeline and influenced over $4M in pipeline — surpassing their ROI goal by 570%.

“They were the most effective events of all time,” said Zoey. “When you find the right experience for your target base, make the whole experience about them, and follow up strong and fast — that’s what really closes the gap created by conference cancellations.”

Unlocking cross-functional use cases

FireMon’s BDR team uses Sendoso to support their opportunity generation efforts, as well.

To secure sales meetings, BDRs send food delivery eGift cards and, using Sendoso’s SalesLoft integration, can track how those meetings progress into opportunities that impact pipeline. They also use Sendoso’s Amazon integration to send highly personalized gifts like swag from a prospect’s alma mater. These campaigns help BDRs and channel account managers secure and follow up after meetings with valuable indirect sellers.

“Sendoso is very easy for BDRs to learn to use, compared to what I’ve seen from other sending companies,” noted Zoey.

FireMon’s channel marketing team leverages Sendoso for relationship-building with key channel partners. The channel team focuses on quality over quantity, sending one-off gifts like exclusive FireMon swag and Sendoso Direct items like wine tasting kits and chocolate samplers.

Looking ahead, Zoey is already brainstorming additional virtual event ideas. She also has plans to incorporate Sendoso campaigns into FireMon’s customer marketing program, including setting up a trigger to send a gift package with cookies and a mug to launch their newly redesigned User Center.

Building flexibility into demand generation

Marketing teams today need technology platforms that can quickly pivot in today’s changing landscape. For Zoey, Sendoso enables that agility. “Sendoso’s flexibility is probably the biggest thing for me,” she said, “I like how we can build touches into campaigns, or build campaigns around touches.”

Zoey said that another benefit of Sendoso is the strong relationship with her Sendoso customer success manager, Sarah Steinberger. “She is always super responsive, and usually gets back to me within an hour,” explained Zoey. “We’ve had calls late in the evening. It’s great to have a CSM who’s so engaged and on the ball.”

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In terms of implementation, the ramp up time for Sendoso was really fast. It’s had very quantifiable and rapid influences on opportunity and pipeline generation.

Zoey Morck

Marketing Programs Specialist at FireMon

Learn how, like FireMon, you can use Sendoso to generate and influence pipeline.