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B2B gifts trigger 11% uplift in account responses

The sales team shares their secrets to sending branded swag and goodies through Sendoso Direct to target accounts.

With Enterprise Sales Development Manager,

Georgeann Shoptaw


uplift in responses from target accounts

Sendoso has proven to be an important part of our outreach strategy. It’s reliable, seamlessly integrates into our tech stack and we’re able to personalize what we send.

Directly transforms and scales customer service initiatives for world-class companies like Autodesk, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Pinterest, Samsung, and SAP.

Sales development representatives at Directly already utilized multi-touch outreach sequences to connect with target prospects. However, they struggled to make a personal connection with the prospective clients.

Plus, the SDRs found it challenging to streamline the work with other teams.  They quickly realized they needed help creating direct mail campaigns that would leave lasting impressions on their potential clients.

Scaling with B2B gifting automation

Directly added Sendoso’s automated corporate gifting platform to their toolbox to fix these issues. The beauty of Sendoso is that it automates manual corporate gifting so SDRs can crush quotas by focusing on building the relationship. 

With Sendoso, direct mail campaigns became a seamless and instant experience.

The Directly team first found success with Sendoso by incorporating swag into gifting campaigns. 

Later, Directly took advantage of Sendoso Direct. The marketplace offers vendors from around the world ready to ship food, desserts, cocktail kits, and more. 

Gifts prove successful at targeting accounts

Directly even experienced a positive response to a holiday-themed giveaway. As part of the gifting campaign, Sendoso sent apple crumb pies to prospective clients.

Directly leaders applauded Sendoso’s ease of use for all its direct mail campaigns.  In just one year, the company experienced an 11% uplift in response from target accounts.

Leaders also found Sendoso easy to integrate into their tech stack. 

Start sending, start connecting, start driving revenue.