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11% Uplift in Responses from Target Accounts

With Sendoso, direct mail touches became a seamless and instant experience.

With Enterprise Sales Development Manager,

Georgeann Shoptaw


uplift in responses from target accounts

Directly’s Crowd-Powered AI platform combines machine learning and gig work.

Directly transforms and scales customer service for world-class companies like Autodesk, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Pinterest, Samsung, and SAP.


Directly’s SDR team knew they wanted to increase the number and quality of personal touches with their target prospects. They were using multi-touch outreach sequences but were missing a streamlined direct mail component within their sales development operations.


With Sendoso, direct mail touches became a seamless and instant experience. While waiting for their branded company swag to reach Sendoso’s warehouse, they were still able to immediately leverage the platform, implementing Sendoso Direct—a Sendoso feature which allows you to send sweets, treats, and other perishable items. Directly was able to send various gifts, including a holiday theme giveaway where they sent apple crumble pies. After being on the platform for a year, they saw an 11% uplift in responses from target accounts.

Sendoso has proven to be an important part of our outreach strategy. It’s reliable, seamlessly integrates into our tech stack, and we’re able to personalize what we send. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Start sending, start connecting, start driving revenue.

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