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Doubling Demo to Opportunity Creation

How CRMNEXT partnered with Sendoso to significantly shorten their sales cycle.

With James Gilbert,

CMO at CRMNext


As a CRM provider, CRMNEXT needed a way to stand out from competitors and reach customers in the highly regulated financial services industry.


They partnered with Sendoso to launch powerful, personalized sending campaigns throughout the marketing and sales funnel, helping to qualify more leads and close deals faster.

90 days > 2 hours

MQL to Demo Booked (Decrease)


Demo to Opportunity Rate (Doubled from 40%)

CRMNext is the leading enterprise CRM solution provider for financial services.


Novato, CA



Company Size

700 employees



Financial Services

Personalizing financial services

CRMNext gives financial institutions a holistic view of their customer data. The company competes with the likes of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, but stands out by solving for the unique technology challenges of the financial services industry.

“Financial services companies have the deepest tech stack of any industry,” explained James Gilbert, CMO at CRMNext. “We’re what a CRM was meant to be for financial services, helping to orchestrate communications between disparate technologies.”

CRMNext’s buyers range from CEOs to CIOs, and other decision-makers at banks, credit unions, insurance carriers, and lenders. Eager to create memorable experiences and build long-lasting relationships, James partnered with Sendoso in 2020 to leverage sending throughout the customer lifecycle.

“People just aren’t doing this in the financial services industry, so simple gestures like handwritten notes and personalized gifts go a long way,” said James. “We’re educating our customers by sending direct mail the right way. It has to be an experience, not just an offer they didn’t ask for.”

“We’re doing something our prospects have never seen, so there’s a definite ‘wow’ factor.”

Creating an appetizing prospecting campaign

Shortly after onboarding Sendoso, the CRMNext James’ team launched Demo Bites, an always-on, top-of-funnel prospecting campaign. His team created a landing page designed to look like a restaurant menu, referencing various pain points and how CRMNext solves them.

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but digital transformation can’t wait. Take a bite into CRMNext— The Banking CRM. We’ve been cookin’ up some tasty new features in our latest release. Try a sample; then decide if you’re hungry for more.

Prospects choose a bite-sized, 5-minute demo by filling out a form or chatting with a Drift bot. Once a prospect attends a demo meeting, they receive a $30 food delivery eGift card. 

By simplifying the sign-up process and offering an incentive, they significantly reduced the time it took to turn a lead into an opportunity, and doubled their opportunity conversion rate from 40% to 80%.

“After we got Sendoso, the velocity from MQL created to demo booked was trimmed down considerably. It used to take 30, 60, or even 90 days, but in the Demo Bite campaign, we booked demos within a couple of hours. It’s pretty incredible.”

Will your prospect accept this rose?

James and the rest of the marketing team continued to show off their creativity with the launch of “The Banklorette,” a video series parodying The Bachelorette reality TV show. The campaign’s eight episodes followed the Banklorette’s journey as she narrowed down a pool of “bachelors” representing CRMNext and its competitors. 

As prospects watched episodes, the team used Sendoso’s HubSpot integration to automatically trigger a preserved rose that lasts for five or more years. The accompanying message emphasized that relationships — including vendor relationships — should last. 

The campaign was a hit with both prospects and James’ marketing industry peers. To date it is CRMNext’s Sendoso campaign with the most impact on engagement, pipeline, and revenue according to James. The Banklorette campaign engaged an incredible 97% of CRMNext’s ICP, had a 92% influence across the entire pipeline and contributed to 80% of the revenue they achieved in the quarter.

“I had other B2B tech CMOs reaching out to me saying, ‘What’s this campaign I keep hearing about?’ Using Sendoso as an additional outreach channel helped us bring the experience to life outside of digital platforms. It was the icing on the cake.” 

Making an impact throughout the customer lifecycle

Throughout the marketing journey, CRMNext sends prospects themed gift boxes and personalized gifts using Sendoso’s Amazon integration.

James hosts CRMNext’s Banking on Experience podcast, interviewing leaders from across the financial services industry. The team sends each podcast guest a succulent with the message: “Hope your growth in the near future is everything that it should be.” It’s a low-effort campaign with a ripple effect response as guests post about the gift on social media to their large followings. 

In December, James’ team executed high-touch, bottom-of-the-funnel Sendoso campaigns to influence two deals which both ultimately closed. The first was sending a handwritten note and gift basket for the financial institution’s decision-makers to enjoy during their board meeting. CRMNext also used Sendoso to send a prospect a Stubhub eGift for Pittsburgh Steelers tickets, along with signature Steelers Terrible Towels. 

“Sendoso had a massive influence on both of those deals,” said James. 

On the post-sales side, CRMNext’s implementation team sends a gift package with a notebook, coffee mug, and t-shirt to “champions,” or user testers. The swag piques the interest of other team members, making the CRMNext champion a sought-after position. 

Think that sounds like a lot of Sendoso use cases? James thinks otherwise. “I want to use it 100 times more,” he joked.

Setting a high bar for direct mail

“Direct mail doesn’t work by just sending stuff — it’s all about the experience,” explained James. “We’ve been fortunate to have really creative ideas on how to leverage direct mail, and that’s what’s made it successful for us.”

James also points to Sendoso’s integrations, which help to drive sales adoption and enable reps to execute sends quickly. “Our sales reps can just go into HubSpot and send something using Sendoso directly from there,” he said, “It’s easy, since it’s baked into their process.”  

Campaign Details

Teams Using Sendoso

Marketing Sales Customer Success Implementation Human Resources

Integrations Used

HubSpot Amazon

Demo to Opportunity Creation Rate

100% Increase

Banklorette Campaign Results

Contributed to 80% Quarterly Revenue

“There really isn’t a single function of CRMNext that isn’t using Sendoso. It’s making a huge impact, not only for marketing and sales, but also internally for employees.”

James Gilbert

CMO at CRMNext

Learn how, like CRMNEXT, you can use Sendoso to turn MQLs into closed-wons faster.