434% ROI on Pipeline Value

Prospects weren’t just impressed; they were truly engaged, often responding before the first follow-up email had even arrived.


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ROI on pipeline value

AlterG is a medical device company that makes mobility enhancement products for physical therapy and athletic training.

Their technology enables individuals to recover from injury and surgery more effectively, overcome medical challenges that limit movement and enhance athletic conditioning.


Amanda Glincher, Senior Marketing Manager, has experienced the pain of creating lists, packing items, making labels, shipping packages, and manually checking tracking numbers first hand. She realized that if she wanted to scale her direct mail campaigns, she needed a solution that could alleviate the time associated with these labor-intensive efforts. Equally important was the ability to integrate with tools she used every day.

Amanda evaluated different vendors, but other solutions meant taking more time to source items and connect systems—meaning they would not eliminate her pain points

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Using Sendoso across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success


After implementing Sendoso, Amanda immediately got busy with a marketing outreach program to boost the Q4 pipeline. She built a Salesforce campaign and sent 141 prospects a custom AlterG tumbler and postcard from their local sales rep featuring pictures of their products. The box also included a faux Amazon gift card, which could be redeemed if they took a meeting with the rep.

In the past, Amanda recalls the painful task of following up manually after packages were delivered. Today, the AlterG marketing team saves tens of hours per month moving their in-house operations to Sendoso. Because Sendoso is fully integrated, the follow-up was built inside their marketing automation platform. If a prospect and sales rep connected, Salesforce would create an opportunity and that prospect would be removed from the marketing follow-up cadence.

The marketing team also rolled out Sendoso to AlterG’s sales and account executives, enabling sales reps to immediately begin sending eGift cards and personalized, one-on-one items from Amazon to book meetings.


The killer combination of a custom tumbler and Amazon gift card worked like a charm, generating 34 opportunities in the first three months and built over $1 million in pipeline!

This campaign resulted in a 434% ROI on pipeline value, proving that investing in a thought-out, multi-channel approach is well worth it (especially when spending less time on the execution).

Prospects weren’t just impressed; they were truly engaged, often responding before the first follow-up email had even arrived.

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Marketo, Salesforce, and Pardot

“In the past, direct mail campaigns were a full-time job. With Sendoso, the ease of executing this program was worth every penny. In addition to the time saved, we are seeing a better response from prospects due to the simple automation process and quality packages they are now receiving.”

Amanda Glincher - Senior Marketing Manager - AlterG

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