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Alleyoop Generated 20% More Meetings With Sendoso

Alleyoop offers the ultimate assist to clients. They plan and execute strategic, innovative outbound sales and marketing campaigns on their behalf.

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Emily Zajac


increase in phone connect rates


increase in meeting completion rates


response rate

Alleyoop offers the ultimate assist to clients. They plan and execute strategic, innovative outbound sales and marketing campaigns on their behalf.


Alleyoop’s clients rely on them to deliver fast, reliable, and cost-effective revenue results. And since Alleyoop’s sales development reps (SDRs) execute outbound efforts on the behalf of their clients, they needed to utilize creative channels to differentiate themselves. So they started exploring direct mail strategies.

Emily Zajac, digital marketing at Alleyoop, was excited to see what could warrant maximum impact with minimal budget when it came to direct mail. She also wanted to gain knowledge around what works in order to know what’s best for their clients.

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Using Sendoso across marketing, sales, and sales development.


Alleyoop first started using Sendoso early in the sales cycle by giving their SDRs budget to send small coffee eGift cards to prospects. They discovered that their sweet spot was sending the eGift 24 hours before each demo/meeting as a reminder. With this send, they have seen a 20% increase in phone connect rates and a 20% increase in meeting completion rates.

“I was doubtful that Sendoso could be a useful tool during the prospecting stage of a sales cycle, but we were able to drive engagement and convert prospects in a cost-efficient manner,” Emily said. 

In addition, the marketing team sent 60 prospects Alleyoop socks with a  handwritten note. If the prospect took the meeting, then as SDR followed up with a pair Allbird sneakers. This campaign generated a 50% connect rate and an 18% completion rate.


After seeing success from their own sends, Alleyoop began introducing Sendoso to their clients. The marketing team designed a clever and budget-friendly direct mail piece that the internal SDR team sent on behalf of their client, Singlewire. Alleyoop created a dumbbell stress reliever kit and postcard bundle with a note that used a play on words. The note read, “Thinking about what will happen to your students or coworkers in an emergency situation is a ‘heavy issue.’” The messaging resonated with the audience and Alleyoop saw a 45% reply rate, which resulted in a 25% conversion rate.

The flexibility of sending online options as well as physical mail pieces has made Alleyoop confident in direct mail as a channel, proving that Sendoso can have a  massive impact on revenue.

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Sendoso is a relevant tool for any sales team; a necessary tool in a world where digital outreach doesn’t always break through the noise. Sendoso touches are quickly becoming a standard touchpoint. And it’s not just the cookies or the stress balls that we send with Sendoso. It’s the data, the follow up, the message—all of it ties together to create this powerful prospecting package.

Emily Zajac

Digital Marketing Leader

Start sending, start connecting, start driving revenue.

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