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Sendoso & Influitive = Better Together

With Sendoso you can create advocates from customers by sending physical gifts and e-Gifts as rewards earned through the Advocate Hub platform.  In addition, with the Sendoso & Influitive Integration you will be able to generate more referral leads, send rewards for customer references, social buzz, success stories, and product reviews & fulfill reward requests from Sendoso’s global warehouse network. 

Starting sending today with Influitives negotiated Sendoso pricing!

Advanced all-in-one solution


Worldwide logistics

Find the perfect gift for anyone, anywhere. We store and manage your inventory in our worldwide fulfillment centers.


Expansive marketplace

Our globally curated marketplace includes eGifts, physical gifts, branded merchandise, virtual experiences, and philanthropy.


Seamless integrations

We integrate with all major marketing and sales solutions.


Intelligent analytics

Our analytics track the ROI of your gifting strategies.

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Financial governance and security

We offer best-in-class financial management and security controls.

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Unparalleled expertise

Our community of experts help you with send curation, onboarding, and customer success.

Ways to use the integration

Leverage physical gifts and e-Gifts together to create rewards for customers that they will appreciate 
Use handwritten notes and personalized messages to create customized touches for every customer


Sendoso + Influitive Datasheet

Fulfill reward requests to build customer advocates.


Engagement Made Easy

5 Sendoso Integrations for Your Automation Needs

Customer Experience

Turn customers into advocates

Build customer loyalty and increase retention with thoughtful gifts that show customers you value their business. Staying engaged with customers is even more important now that most are working remotely and on-site visits aren’t possible.