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Sendoso & HubSpot = Better Together

With Sendoso you can add direct mail and eGifts to your HubSpot workflows, track campaign success, and analyze results. Take advantage of the Sendoso special pricing HubSpot negotiated and start sending today.

Advanced all-in-one solution


Worldwide logistics

Find the perfect gift for anyone, anywhere. We store and manage your inventory in our worldwide fulfillment centers.


Expansive marketplace

Our globally curated marketplace includes eGifts, physical gifts, branded merchandise, virtual experiences, and philanthropy.


Seamless integrations

We integrate with all major marketing and sales solutions.


Intelligent analytics

Our analytics track the ROI of your gifting strategies.

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Financial governance and security

We offer best-in-class financial management and security controls.

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Unparalleled expertise

Our community of experts help you with send curation, onboarding, and customer success.

Ways to use the integration

Create engaging marketing at scale.

Increase your Cadence response rate by adding personalized direct mail to your outbound efforts. Follow up with prospects as soon as their Sendoso send is delivered to increase booked demo rates.

Trigger sends after a virtual event.

Everyone’s remote, but you can still create the in-person feel of a conference by sending swag! When a contact attends an event, automatically send out a bundle of your branded swag to create a memorable experience.

Decrease sales cycle lengths.

After a demo takes place, follow up directly from HubSpot with a succulent saying “looking forward to watching our relationship grow” to keep the conversation going and stay top of mind.

Align your sales and marketing teams.

View all Sending activities within your HubSpot instance on the contact level for clear visibility between both teams, always ensuring prompt follow-up.


How Guru generated a 5X increase in response rates.

How Guru warmed up cold prospects with custom sends from Sendoso.


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Creating better connections in a digital world

Sending delivers an authentic human connection. See how eGifts shorten the sales cycle and engage inactive audiences.