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ROI of Sending with Sendoso

Sending has been around for centuries in the forms of direct mail and gifting, but it’s far from outdated. Forward-thinking companies utilize this strategy because it works, especially at a time when companies are seeking new ways to engage their buyers, customers, and employees.

But does sending really work? Is there any real ROI? Take a look at how the effectiveness of sending can affect your revenue funnel. All of the metrics below were pulled directly from Sendoso’s customers, meaning REAL companies are seeing these results TODAY. 

Without Sendoso

With Sendoso

200 Accounts

30% Account response

60 Engaged Accounts

11% increase in response rate
with Sendoso for Directly

200 Accounts

33% Account response

66 Engaged Accounts

Sendoso + Directly

“With Sendoso, direct mail touches became a seamless and instant experience. While waiting for their branded company swag to reach Sendoso’s warehouse, they were still able to immediately leverage the platform, implementing Sendoso Direct—a Sendoso feature which allows you to send sweets, treats, and other perishable items. Directly was able to send various gifts, including a holiday theme giveaway where they sent apple crumble pies. After being on the platform for a year, they saw an 11% uplift in responses from target accounts.”

Without Sendoso

With Sendoso

10% Engaged to opportunity Rate

6 Demos

35% increase in
in conversions to
meetings for LiveRamp

13.5% Engaged to opportunity Rate

8.91 Demos

Sendoso + LiveRamp

“LiveRamp turned to Sendoso. After starting with simple direct mail campaigns in order to demonstrate their effectiveness, they found that adding a direct mail touchpoint to their event invitations increased registrations by more than 30%. LiveRamp then decided to empower the business development, sales, and customer success teams with Sendoso, as well as develop more creative campaigns using wine, company-branded apparel, handwritten notes, and eGifts. 

LiveRamp team members can now easily send gifts directly from Amazon with Sendoso’s integration, giving them the ability to add more personalization to their outreach.  They then noticed a correlation between gift touch points and discovery meetings logged by outbound BDRs. Their goal was to re-engage cold leads that had never responded before. BDRs incorporated gifts in their outreach with Sendoso and saw responses within 1-2 days of them being delivered.”

Without Sendoso

With Sendoso

20% Demo to Close

1.2 Customers

14% increase in close rate
with Sendoso for Lingo Live

23% Demo to Close

2.1 Customers

Sendoso + Lingo Live

“After partnering up with Sendoso, Lingo Live began their broadest direct mail campaign ever. The marketing team was able to put together a direct mail send that explained their company and their mission in a fun way.

Using Sendoso, they were able to track the effectiveness of this campaign over time and found that personalized notes increased responses dramatically. After that, Lingo Live began using Sendoso’s personalized note service and had their most successful direct mail campaign yet.”

Without Sendoso

With Sendoso


in Total Pipeline

Assuming $60,000 ACV


in Total Pipeline

The Value of One More Meeting

The ROI funnel above is set in a perfect world of sending: the final ROI metrics result from using Sendoso at every stage of the funnel. But at the end of the day, what is one more meeting worth to you

This is what Sendoso can do for you. Sending can be a less saturated and more emotional channel that you can use to generate that one additional meeting or demo you need to hit your quota.  

Not everyone engages with email or paid ads or cold calls anymore, so you need to provide additional channels through which prospects can emotionally engage with your brand.

“With Sendoso, the ease of executing this program was worth every penny. In addition to the time saved, we are seeing a better response from prospects due to the simple automation process and quality packages they are now receiving.”

Amanda Glincher, AlterG

Generate better ROI than ever before.