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Connect with prospects and close more deals with memorable, personalized direct mail and eGifts.

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How does it work?

Create meaningful connections with your customers, prospects, and partners while driving tangible results. With Sendoso, any size business can use direct mail experiences to generate leads, book meetings, wow customers, and show your employees you appreciate them.

eGift Options

Set yourself apart from the competition with thoughtful eGifts that help you stand out in inboxes and increase responses.

Sendoso Direct Gifts

Delight recipients with cookies, wine, cocktail kits, succulents, and more from our network of locally-owned small businesses.

Send Templates

Streamline the sending process and create send templates that your whole team can use with a few clicks.

Designed with Smaller Teams in Mind

Prove the ROI of a direct mail strategy all within your budget. Whether you are completing 100 sends or 10,000 sends, Sendoso has options for your team.

Everything You Need in One Sending Platform

Send Tracker

With Send Tracker, you can see where your digital eGifts or physical packages are in the process of sending and delivery. Even drill into tracking info via UPS, Fedex, and more.

Address Confirmation

Ensure your sends are landing wherever your buyers are currently working. With Address Confirmation, you can ask recipients to confirm, change, or enter their address before anything is sent.

Easy Sending

Seamless sending from the Sendoso platform or sync with Salesforce or Hubspot for personalized 1:1 sending.

I have to tell you how impressed I am with the platform. The Sendoso product makes “sending” an accessible tactic of our growth strategy, which is particularly valuable as we’re a lean SMB team. Thank you for this amazing technology!

Genevieve Herkert

CX Lead, Squigl


How do I get started?

Simply contact us and we can help you get started.

Can I customize my send options?

Depending on the plan you and your team chooses, Sendoso can support customized send options. We also offer dozens of unique and personalized items to meet your sending needs on any plan.

What gifts are available to send?

Send options depend on your plan type. We have hundreds of eGift options and physical items from the Sendoso Direct catalog. We also have options to send your own custom branded pieces from our warehouses, and even use our Amazon integration to send practically anything.

Where can I send gifts to?

Sendoso customers can send to anywhere in the world. For international sending, our sales team can direct you to the right plan for you.

Can I send items to multiple people at once?

Yes! You can use the CSV upload to send to a list of people at the same time.

Can I invite my team members to our Sendoso account?

Yes! Sendoso allows you to choose a plan based on how many of your team members you’d like to invite.

See how any size team uses Sendoso to close more deals.

Sendoso is absolutely a must-have for anyone leveraging gifting.

Julia Bersin, Guru Senior Manager of Demand Generation

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