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Sendie Awards call for entries is now open

It’s with much anticipation that we’re proud to announce this year’s Sendie Awards call for entries starts today and runs through August 26. This is your chance to showcase your sending star power. We’ll select winners in seven categories and honor award recipients on September 28. So let’s get the nominations rolling for all those brilliant B2B ideas that delivered oohs, ahhs, and ROI.

Sendie Awards Nominations 2022
Sendie Awards Nominations 2022
Sendie Awards Nominations 2022

Nominations are now open in seven categories

Best in Show & Strategy

This award recognizes the best idea that impacted business outcomes and helped improve customer experience, operational efficiency, or revenue performance.

The Pivoting Pilot

Rewards the bold marketer who wasn’t afraid to make decisions and switched channels or adjusted their sending strategy for the greater good of the company.

The Innovator

Celebrates the strategic thinking and innovative strategy of a multi-channel campaign that showed sending delivers unprecedented end-to-end experiences.

Out-of-the-Box Sender

Acknowledges the sender who thought outside the box and engaged target accounts with strategic dimensional mailers or executed integrated branded campaigns with a clever twist.

Live & Uncut Experience

This award credits the field marketer who created an engaging experiential campaign with extra “wow” factor and a lasting impression—long after the send was over.

Always On Demand

Commends the efforts of the marketer who created an engaging personal experience through eGifting by bridging online and offline experiences with both charisma and results.

Social Good Award

Celebrates the marketer who used the budget and marketing strategy as a force for good to help make the world a better place.

It’s the award that delivers VIP treatment

The Sendie Awards are about applauding game-changing use cases and rewarding its winners with full access to the Sendoso network. If you become an award winner, here are some of the perks you can sit back and enjoy.

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Sendoso Social Club

Win a Sendie, and you’re in the club. You’ll have a full access pass to all future Sendoso events and exclusive branded swag delivered right to you. Show it off live and online with us on awards night, as well as throughout the many sending seasons to come.

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SuperSender Elite Program

All winners automatically join our SuperSender Elite Program, complete with networking events, hosted user groups, and more secret perks. Connect with influential leaders at your level in your industry and be part of this exclusive group.


Sendoso Star Power

Out of hundreds of customers, your story is the one shared in front of your peers and leaders. It’s another way you’ll get noticed more at work and on LinkedIn.


Credits for Success

Recognize and thank your team for working relentlessly this year to make it happen, including your Sendoso Customer Success Manager.