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The Making of CONNECTED

At our virtual event CONNECTED, we brought together 50+ revenue leaders to share how they’re solving the challenges of staying creative, agile, and connected to their audience–no matter what channel they’re using or where they are in the world.

Now we’re going behind the scenes to show you how you can also create memorable experiences for your prospects and customers! The masterminds behind CONNECTED, Sruthi Kumar and Brianna Valleskey, share:

  • How the CONNECTED story was built; starting from brainstorming to creating compelling content
  • The strategies used to secure close to 20 sponsors and execute a smooth experience for 50+ speakers
  • Promotional tactics like Sendoso sends, video, and more

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Cassandra Jowett

Senior Director of Marketing

Brianna Valleskey

Director of Corporate Marketing

Sruthi Kumar

Associate Director, Field and Partner Marketing