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What you'll learn at the event

Best sending strategies – how to drive revenue growth with unique and meaningful engagement.
Do more with less – how to allocate your budget to maximize ROI amid economic uncertainty.
Proven tactics that will empower your team to achieve measurable results using impactful personalization.

Your Sendoso Experts

Kris Rudeegraap

CEO & Co-Founder, Sendoso

Braydan Young

Co-Founder & Head of People, Sendoso

Alli Tiscornia

Chief Customer Officer, Sendoso

Dan Frohnen

Chief Marketing Officer, Sendoso

Sam East

Chief Revenue Officer, Sendoso

Hetal Giaimo

VP of Product, Sendoso

Danielle Middlebrook

VP of Customer Success, Sendoso

Lauren Baracco

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Sendoso

Zack Alspaugh

Director of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Sendoso

Travis Lockwood

Director of Account Management, Sendoso

Nick Casale

Director of Sales, Sendoso

Egan Callahan

Manager, Customer Success, Sendoso

Angus Yang

Product Manager, Sendoso

Cody Farmer

Integrations Product Manager, Sendoso