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Thinking Outside the Inbox – How to Increase Audience Engagement

Consumers are more savvy of digital automations and tactics. With the virtual space becoming increasingly crowded, getting a prospect’s attention and making a lasting impression is more of a challenge. It’s time for sales professionals and marketers to think outside the inbox! “Old school” tactics may seem archaic, but are more impactful than standard email sequences. Join Sendoso and SalesIntel as they dive into non-digital strategies to increase your audience engagement.

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Braydan Young

Chief Alliance Officer, Sendoso

Jason Hubbard

VP of Partnerships and Alliances, Sales Intel

Watch this webinar, and you'll learn

  • How to send impactful gifts with a personalized touch
  • The top holiday gifting and direct mail mistakes to avoid
  • An easy-to-use framework for post-holiday follow up