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Nevertheless, She Persisted: How Women Leaders are Successfully Navigating COVID-19

As the world changes around us, women are juggling more than ever and continue to hold themselves to high standards. In honor of all of the women inspiring us every day, we are bringing together female leaders from Anaplan, LogRhythm, Sendoso, and Workday to provide insight into navigating life and career during COVID-19. They’ll be sharing how they’re setting a vision for their teams, how they got to where they are today, and advice for carving your own path to leadership.

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Michelle Palleschi

COO, Sendoso

Cindy Zhou

CMO, LogRhythm

Susan Mcdonough

Vice President, M&A Integration, Workday

Allison Tiscornia

CCO, Sendoso

Watch this Webinar and you will learn:

  • How to succeed when there’s more to juggle than ever
  • What women bring to revenue-driven professions and career paths
  • How to carve your own path to leadership, even during crisis